Seen & Heard: Seesaws at the Seaport

It sounds like a tongue-twister, but it’s true. Two organizations — CS Design and Lateral Office — have installed eight giant seesaws that not only light up but also make sounds, so that as people saw, or see? the simple machines start to harmonize with each other. It’s called Wave-Field and it’s on the pier through the end of March, 10a to 9p. (I will have to overcome my childhood anxiety that my partner will dump me at the top…)

Jean Grillo, who is a docent at the 9/11 Tribute Museum, sent this note from the museum, which was sent to the docents: “To reiterate last week’s message for those of you who may have missed it, Tribute is not closing and nothing has changed regarding our status prior to or after the article was published last week. Additional messaging will be sent out to further clarify but rest assured that nothing has changed.” So maybe Crain’s got it wrong when they said the building was for sale and must be delivered vacant?

C. wrote to say that the Solaire is going coop (and she added: “not condo. wtf?!”) with a goal of something along the lines of 15 percent coop / 85 percent rentals by 2024. The sponsor is River Terrace Assoc. (same as current owner), and current tenants get a 10 percent discount. A 900-square-foot one-bedroom, one-bath is priced at $1.3 million for outsiders. (She added that she’s moving for several reasons, but especially one hot-button issue: the fact that dogs cannot sit on the lawns in front of the building. Since I don’t have a dog, I never realized this was the case…) I tried to confirm with the owner — not heard yet.

The Children’s Museum of the Arts is showing an exhibit called Home Sweet Home: Is a Home a Sanctuary?, a group show featuring Emilie Clark, Tom Fruin, Todd Hido, Lucia Hierro, Ann Toebbe, Shinique Smith, and Letha Wilson, through May 3. “The idea of home moves beyond the concept of a place to live or a place of shelter, and connects to ideas of identity, safety, one’s place in the world, as well as a foundation for a lifetime, and a place to leave…and possibly return to. When does a house provide the sanctuary of a home? When is home really a sanctuary?”



  1. Pets are not permitted on the lawns, see the link below. But, with little to no enforcement, that has not stopped some owners from letting their pets relieve themselves all over there in addition to all of the walkways in the area.