In the News: Revamped design for Two World Trade

The Post reports that Larry Silverstein is ready to get to work again on a revamped Norman Foster design for Two World Trade Center — aka 200 Greenwich St. — the site just north of the Oculus that currently has the murals on it. Foster did the design for the supertall in 2006; that design was scrapped for one by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) in 2015, and now that one is also scrapped, with Silverstein turning back to Foster to redo the scheme. There’s a ton of back-and-forth over potential and former tenants in the story, but the short answer is no anchor tenant as we speak and not date for breaking ground.

I know, I know — Norman Foster — but I think the loss of the BIG design is, well, a loss. (See the video explanation above, which also shows you how dominant the building will be from the neighborhood.) More renderings of that one here; renderings of the new Foster design are yet to come, and Silverstein’s site still shows the BIG renderings and spec sheet, but the old design is below.




  1. Mr. Silverstein is an amazing developer, and has put up numerous buildings around the City, especially downtown. But I do not feel any inspiration from any of his buildings. To me they are all bland boxes. Safe.

  2. Thank god the BIG monstrosity is scrapped. That crap design would have ruined the skyline and the Trade Center overall. I’m not crazy on the diamonds design either…hopefully third times a charm with this design. This is the successor to the South Tower. It deserves to be iconic.

  3. The other towers do not appear to be even half full – do we really need more office space down here? More glass? I would love the terrace idea, hanging gardens, except that I am not convinced much would grow up there given even mild winds which can be quite strong on a high terrace.

    • 1 WTC is over 80% full. 3 WTC is 82% fully. 4 WTC and 7 WTC are about 100% full. Believe it or not these tower have been quite successful compared to how long it took the twin towers to fill up with private companies.

      2 WTC is very much needed to complete the complex once and for all.

  4. Liked the idea that BIG wasn’t just a glass tower and had several terraces. At least they attempted a bit of a contextual approach versus another vanity tower. Oh well..

  5. A bit of irony in the video with the little snippet of birdsong since these reflective glass monoliths are bird killers. It will be interesting to see how new buildings will incorporate the city’s recently passed law that requires “bird safe” glass to be used in new construction.

  6. Curious if there’s any news about 5 WTC.

  7. I don’t understand why they can’t just build a second One WTC… it would look better and give people closure that are upset about the hole in the skyline. It is the best solution to the current situation.

  8. I will love to see wtc tower 2 just like the old south tower but make like the other glass tower but same design.a list that tower will make a big memory to the old towers.i think is a very good Idea because the new 1 wtc looks so lonely.just a square building with a similar design.but better technology.