All Papyrus stores are closing this month

All 254 Papyrus stores nationwide are closing in the next four to six weeks, the company announced last week. But the Reade Street store may close in the next week or so, according to A. who spotted it first, sent the photo and chatted with employees. The chain also has a store on Broadway at Park Place and the World Trade Center mall.

The chain was founded in 1950 (!) by Marcel and Margrit Schurman in their Berkeley kitchen as an importer and wholesaler of fine paper, greeting cards and stationery. They opened their first retail store in Berkeley in 1973, and by the early 2000s, their daughter Dominique had become CEO and the stores were quickly expanding. The Reade Street store opened in 2015.

The company also owns American Greetings, Carlton Cards, Paper Thread, as well as NIQUEA.D and PAPER DESTINY and has 1400 employees in its stores. No announcement has been made about the future of the online business.

This from Retail Dive, who had the story first: “In a letter to employees, Dominique Schurman, COO of Schurman Retail Group, which owns Papyrus stores, said the company would close its doors. The company has hired liquidation firm Gordon Brothers to assist with the going-out-of-business sales, according to the letter, viewed by Retail Dive. Schurman cited ‘current challenges of the retail industry’ said the company had been ‘diligently working to revitalize our business’ for months beforehand. Schurman thanked employees and told them more information would follow ‘as we navigate this difficult time. This decision is heartbreaking for me, personally of course, and also because I know how dedicated you all have been to your stores and this company,’ Schurman said.”



  1. In another story I read, Papyrus products will still be available at the many other retail outlets that carry them. In my opinion, this was part of what lead to the demise of the Papyrus stores…you can find the product everywhere…I’m pretty sure you can buy them at a bank.

  2. This is a bummer. Sure target and Duane reade can work in a pinch but if you really wanted a special card, or a proper selection you went to papyrus.

    I’m sure I’m part of the problem being an amazon clicker 3-4 times a day but it still kinda sucks

  3. American greetings on John street is closing too.
    Also saw that that barber shop on Church Street.(Razzel dazzle) is out of their space. The neighborhoods changing once again

  4. A show of hands from everyone who thought Razzle Dazzle would make it…. That’s what I thought.

  5. You can still get some Papyrus product at the Barnes & Noble Tribeca location. They have a great selection of greeting cards and gift wrap.

  6. You can also get Papyrus cards and wrap on Amazon and also at Duane Reade and other retailers that sell cards. With the Papyrus strategy of making their products available just about anywhere, they eliminated the need for their own stores. And the COO cites ‘current challenges of the retail industry.’ Duh.