A new app helps kids make connections

Local mom Tamsyn Johnston has launched a new app that lets families compare their kids’ activities so they can schedule events and classes together. The idea is a tech solution to help kids connect with friends, and make the scheduling of the playdate a bit easier on parents.

The company is called Friendly Faces 4 Kids, and by signing up (it’s free), a parent can upload her child’s after-school schedule and then share it with friends, so those kids can join in too. People in the network can also send messages to their groups, something like, “We’re going to the reading at Barnes & Noble at 4.” One bonus: avoiding the 23-person group text.

“It’s great for kids to be able to learn all these skill sets in classes, but it’s more fun if you are doing it with your friend,” said Johnston. (She’s an adjunct professor at Teacher’s College at Columbia.)

She has also partnered with 15 local kids programs, such as Manhattan Youth, Spotlight Kids and Playgarden, as a way to cross promote the businesses – her app allows parents to not only see other kids’ schedules, but also the offerings at the partner programs on “micro-sites” within Friendly Faces. The app then lets the parent go right to the business’ site to enroll.

The video explains the process best:

The best part so far: Johnston’s daughter used the app to get some friends to join her at a Saturday dance class. “It’s been nice because it’s actually been working. We’ve synched up with a lot of friends.”

Friendly Faces 4 Kids


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  1. Congratulations to Tamsyn! This is a great idea and very useful.