Razzledazzle Barbershop has closed

Razzledazzle Barbershop has closed, and while I know some in the neighborhood are not shocked or disappointed, Elena Linares brought some color and her own brand of sassiness to that corner, which will now likely be shuttered for a while. She said running her five salons in Florida from afar was too much of a challenge, as were the New York winters. “I’m so glad I did it — I have no regrets,” she said. “But I missed the weather and I missed my home.” She’s shipping the decor back to Miami, where she is opening two more salons. A third is scheduled to open in Tampa.

Linares was born in the Bronx, but left the city long ago (her brother is Bronx politician Guillermo Linares). “It was my dream to open a salon here, and now I can say I did it.”



  1. Was a very odd fit for the neighborhood, but always sad to see a local business falter. Should have done something more in the Times Square / Penn Station area in my opinion.

  2. Odd fit but it was on church Street, and that particular block is kinda old 80s NYC in part. So it fit , not fit….
    Anyway sorry it empty, active street retail is critical

  3. Good riddance.

    This is NYC 2000-2020 folks. Idiots like this who open a business and say “I did it” when it fails miserably. Yeah you did it – you sucked and weren’t as good as the longtime neighborhood barbers who take their craft seriously unlike you. You cheapened their trade. You were too busy selling a gimmick and objectifying womens’ bodies. This isn’t Miami.

    Enough with people who move here (or in her case move back here), pay through the nose so they can say they were here, and drive up rents for everyone who actually wants to make a life and living here.

    GO AWAY.

    • I sort of agree, although I might not have used as harsh a tone since it was someone trying to open a small business that failed. That said, for some reason, I felt more uncomfortable walking by this place with my little boys than I do walking by Flashdancers.

  4. dumbest place i have seen…never anyone in there…staff turnover weekly and to be honest belongs in LES or Alphabet city…Not on this corner where I have been since 1998. I lost my bet as i said she was gonna last maybe 9 months. LOL. wasting money

  5. Good riddance. A truly offensive-looking place (I never went in)