Century 21 adds a Financier coffee shop

Century 21 has added a cafe to its third floor — a branch of Financier Patisserie. BPC resident Peter Poulakakos’ French bakery chain (he has five others in Fidi, plus a new one in Winter Park, Florida) will offer its coffee and well-known baked goods — award-winning croissants and the financier, a traditional French almond loaf, among other treats.

It’s hard to list all the Poulakakos’ family’s restaurant holdings in one post (just to start, Le District, Pier A, Harry’s, Dead Rabbit, and now their first Greek restaurant in the former North End Grill space), but Financier was his first, which he opened on Stone Street in 2002. He should likely get the credit for bringing Stone Street back to life since he had also opened Ulysses and Adrienne‚Äôs Pizza Bar by 2005, and now it’s a pedestrian-only full-time party in the summer. (Of course the number of residents in the area has more than tripled in that time too.)

But this post is meant to be about Century, so back to that: it seems the addition of a cafe is about time for a real department store. They are going old school, like Bloomie’s 59th & Lex Cafe. Takes you back.