Seen & Heard: The facade at the Clock Tower building revealed

The sidewalk shed is finally down on 346 Broadway, aka 108 Leonard, aka the Clock Tower Building. Thanks to J. for the shot – he figures that shed has been up for at least a decade, if not two. Now to see what the deal is with the lobby, which should be accessible to the public as a rare interior landmark. The building was built in the 1890s and designed by McKim, Mead & White for the New York Life Insurance Company. The materials are white tuckahoe marble, light-colored pressed brick, terra cotta, rusticated marble and copper. And if you have not toggled around the LPC’s interactive map yet, I recommend it. And this is the 1987 designation landmarks report, which explains all that is meant to be preserved.

The Parks Department’s stewardship crew, which works with volunteer groups, was working with some NYU volunteers to replant the tree pits on Chambers. I tried to warn them while it’s a nice gesture, 650 kids will walk over that pit every day at 2:45. But they seemed to be pretty content digging in the dirt…

Songs for Seeds franchisee Lisa Kozinn is planning to open her second location on the Upper East Side. She started the Tribeca location in 2012 and runs it out of the Downtown Community Center.


The South African artist Luke Baggott has a show open at the Steven Amedee Gallery through March 28, with an opening reception on Thursday, Feb. 20, 6 – 9p. His oil paintings and mixed media works on paper use NYC as a backdrop and discuss both place and community. The gallery is at 41 N. Moore.



  1. Why not a guard for each tree so kids are less likely to walk over the pits/less kids will walk over them?

    How ’bout the principal and whoever monitors kids getting out of school at 2:45pm tell kids to not walk over the pits?

    I know, it’d mean actually telling them what to do instead of letting them run roughshod but too bad.

    Walking over the pits is no different than trampling a garden plot. It’s rude and careless. Teach children not to be both.

  2. Never mind our wonderful dog loving neighbors who let their dogs relive themselves on the trees and in the tree pits.

    • Rather on a tree than pee running down the sidewalk

    • What ever happened to curb your dog!?
      I’ve been here since the 80’s and people just let their dogs pee and poo anywhere.. Smh.
      Its really not hard to curb train.. Go out the building to the street.. Stop being so lazy.

  3. In 1978, I attended a class held in 346 Broadway. The ladies room had pull chain toilets. I guess the building did need a bit of updating. : )

  4. Hope you’re right about locals being allowed to peek into 346 Broadway (The Clock Tower) building. Years ago when I worked for the Census many co-ops and other privately owned buildings
    were loathe to let the neighbors look around. But it’s great nonetheless to see that magnificent outside sans scaffolding!