Where in Tribeca?

There’s a clever joke here about something being fishy, but I can’t come up with it. So in the meantime, where in Tribeca is this aquatic creature? (Or better yet, name that fish. I am going with walleye, due to the two dorsal fins…)

Here’s the one on Greenwich and Warren. Will hunt down the other swimmers!




  1. Is there only one of these? I feel like I’ve seen them multiple places… And of course I can’t remember where.

  2. Robert is correct but this one I believe is located at the corner of Greenwich and Franklin Street outside of Benvunuto Cafe on Greenwich side walk/? Tribeca Lover

  3. Actually there is another outside the Indian restaurant Tamarind on Franklin but on reflection don’t think either of these ones are the correct one that Pam has here?.

    • Ha. I guess something *was* fishy. This one’s at Warren and Greenwich. I could have guessed they are all over, but instead I made it a trick question. So everybody wins!!

  4. This particular one is on the corner of Warren and Greenwich St
    Tribeca Lover

  5. All the other ones on Greenwich (even on Chambers & Greenwich) are different types of fish. This one looks like a stripe Bass to me, the others look like Sturgeon fish?

  6. “Where in Tribeca” needs to be at a set time and day. That’s the way Erik did it and it worked. It seems skewed towards Sonia-Tribeca Lover. Ripps needs every advantage he can get.

  7. Good grief.. people will whine about anything (everything).

    Keep up the great work Pam.