A stroll through the city, and downtown, in 1911

G. spotted this video in the Gothamist: A team of cameramen with a Swedish travel company were sent around the world to take footage of well-known places. They ended up with a document of New York City in 1911 with what they called “A Trip Through New York City.”

The video has shots of the Statue Of Liberty, trolley cars on the Brooklyn Bridge, the brand-new Manhattan Bridge, Battery Park, the Flatiron Building, Madison Avenue, the elevated railway lines at Bowery and Worth streets, different parts of Broadway, and more. (Would love to identify the piers…)

The film was first restored by MoMA, and then colorized by video editor Denis Shiryaev.



  1. This is fantastic…Thank you for posting it. It’s like a different universe.

  2. Must watch, it’s incredible to see the city so vibrant over 100 years ago.

  3. Fabulous video and glimpse into the past, thank you for posting.

  4. I was struck by the lack of personnel vehicles, instead lots of people walking and public transportation. Maybe we should get back to that?

  5. The streets seem empty by comparison. Also, loved the sound of the horse’s hoofs on the street!