Seen & Heard: Business grants for storefronts south of Murray

The Downtown Alliance has announced its third annual Downtown Digital Innovation Grant, which will award two Lower Manhattan (that is south of Murray for their catchment area) storefront businesses with $10,000 of services to improve their online presence or the digital tools within their stores. Past recipients have included Boundless Plains Espresso, B & Co and Martin Busch Jewelers who used it to to invest in digital and technological enhancements such as digital advertising, social-media strategies and outfitting in-store employees with mobile tools. Apply for the grant here now through March 9.

A. wrote to say that he saw some action at Blood Manor on Saturday night that implied a party: “The first floor seemed cleared out when I walked by on Thursday. But on Saturday, they had the windows blacked out and I saw them sneaking people in through the grey side doors at 10pm. Two women were let in by a guy who looked like a bouncer.” I have to note: that sounds like a quieter solution than what we have seen on neighbor’s videos!

Alumnae, the shoe store on Hudson at Duane, is having a sample sale this weekend at 51 Hudson (not in its store, but across the street at the corner of the Duane north fork) with big savings: sandals normally start at $425, but sample sale price would be $100. Booties normally $795, reduced to $200. Hours are Friday and Saturday, 11 to 7, and Sunday noon to 4. Also participating are some designer friends of the store: Two New York caftans, Selima Optique sunglasses and eyewear, Ippolita Ferrari ceramics and jewelry and more.

This really has nothing to do with Tribeca, since we are more home to the Korean grocer, but if you haven’t seen this video or the Times story on bodega culture going viral on TikTok, it’s worth a click. It is just so charming.


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  1. from NYPost: “Modell’s renegotiating leases in attempt to avoid bankruptcy”

    “Eight shops on the current chopping block are in Manhattan and Brooklyn. These include 150 and 280 Broadway; the large Upper West Side store at 795 Columbus and the smaller one at 348 Amsterdam; in Harlem, on East 125th St.; and three in Brooklyn, at Fulton II, Brooklyn Junction and Eastern Parkway.”

  2. How is Modell’s still in business? Their clothes are for minimum six foot tall men. They don’t carry nearly as much sports equipment as they did back in the day at the original store at Chambers Street and Broadway. You can get better sportswear and sportsgear online. Modell’s is an anachronism. Time to pull the plug.

    • they have a right to sell what they want

      • And bear the consequences of poor retail management choices. It’s audacious of them to expect their landlords to bail them out. And before someone whines about how landlords are gouging tenants, if you are going to say that retailers can sell what they want, then it follows that landlords can charge what they want.

  3. Blood Manor had another party Tuesday night complete with loud music, bouncers and people smoking on sidewalk outside. Windows all blacked out. They weren’t even trying to be sneaky. Just looked like they were running a nightclub.