In the News: Two Modell’s on Broadway trying to stay alive

The Post reports that Modell’s, facing possible bankruptcy, is struggling to keep several of its underperforming stores alive — including the ones here on Broadway and Chambers and Broadway and Liberty. (There are six others in the city that are also on the chopping block.)

The Post quotes a letter from Mitch Modell, the fourth generation sports store owner, to the landlords and mall owners housing Modell’s outlets, asking them to lower and defer rents for just 90 days while he gets the company back on track: “I’m all in on this, both financially and strategically. I will do whatever it takes to save these stores and protect the communities that we have serve[d] and loved for generation[s].”

Owned by the family since 1889, the first store was here on Cortlandt Street (photo above). The Chambers Street store moved to its current location in 2015, but has been in that building for ages — waiting on the Modell’s folks to tell me how long exactly. (The picture below gives you a hint.)

Mitch Modell had lots to say about the sports retail business in The Post story, including blaming sales on lousy local sports teams that mess up jersey sales and warmer weather that has decreased the market for jackets and gloves — but not the internet. “It’s our extended aisle,” he observes. “It’s our No. 1 store, if the internet was a store.”




    “Following the end of World War II Henry Modell, owner of the sporting goods chain, established the Modell Veteran Training Center in a retail space. Mayor William O’Dwyer officially opened the facility on March 23, 1946. The dual-purpose establishment both trained wounded and handicapped veterans for private life and sold surplus war supplies.

    “By 1949 the training center had been phased out, replaced by a Modell’s store. It was at the Broadway location that the mayor cut the cake to celebrate the chain’s 60th anniversary.”

  2. i’ve bought stuff there twice in the last month. the staff was very helpful and nice. price was reasonable how do you buy sneakers or swim goggles without trying them on? i hope they can hang on. before you know it the rest of manhattan will be like tribeca: destination restaurants, banks and gourmet coffee.

  3. shame firm is very charitable–more greedy landlords downtown

  4. Modell’s is an anachronism. Their clothing selection is for people six feet tall only and their sporting goods selection is subpar. There’s nothing there you can’t order online for better quality and a lower price e.g. I could get a pair of mesh shorts with pockets for only $8.99 on Ebay. Modell’s doesn’t sell mesh shorts or ones with pockets and if they do it’s with a ridiculous minimum 10 inch inseam cuz you know, everyone is at least six feet tall.

  5. Prices are reasonable there. We should all go and support.