New Kid Hidden on the Block: The Little Shop

Happy Friday! There’s a speakeasy on Front Street, hidden behind a bodega! Need I write another word? Not really, but here goes.

The Little Shop is the brainchild of 20-year Seaport resident Philippe Boujnah and Anna Bajenova — the two met a while back at an ad agency and sort of on a whim, from what I can tell, decided to open up a small grocery together. When the architect drew out the space, there was extra room in the back of the shop. Since they planned to stock the bodega with “must-have” items, they said to themselves, “what else must people have?” And the answer that came to their minds was, “a speakeasy.” Love it.

But NB: it’s not a secret — there’s no password, no barrier to entry other than the plywood door that slides into its pocket just beyond the chip aisle.

“It was just a fun opportunity,” said Anna. “We realized we could work well together and create something cool and fun.” Since Phillippe lives nearby — and he has three kids, with two at Peck Slip — he also thought it would be a welcome addition to the area, but he’s keeping his day job as a creative director. “It’s a passion project, it happened organically. We are not looking to make millions on it.”

There are some real business synergies. The bar serves the deli counter food, with a twist — turkey sandwiches with tomato and crispy shallots or mediterranean tuna sandwich or the classic bacon, egg and cheese — but you can also run outside and grab a bag of chips. (One night Phillippe spotted a guy on the couch with his hand inside a full box of Froot Loops alongside his martini. It must have been really late.) The cocktails have a healthy spin, but not on purpose — they are simply named after the spice or flavor. (And since I am no expert on cocktails, this from my pal Gabe: “Drinks were amaze, shishitos were to die for.”) The bar snacks are fun but sophisticated: duck dumplings, torched shishito peppers, whitefish dip.

The decor is top-rate boho chic charming. Anna said they blew their budget on the wallpaper, applied throughout but in several different colorways, but everything else was donated, found at a flea market or harvested from their childhood bedrooms. A couple who donated a purple couch makes sure to claim their old seat when they come in. “We try to treat it like our living room, and people get comfortable right away.”

Oh, and last thing: open the drawers. (Like I said, you really didn’t need to read any more than the first line, so I saved this for the last as a reward.)

The Little Shop
252 Front Street (between Dover and Peck Slip)
Monday – Thursday, 5p – midnight
Friday + Saturday, 4p – 1a
Sunday, 4p – midnight



  1. So fun! Looks like a lovely little gem. Welcome.

  2. I love this place!