The eggs are coming! Bogardus is making progress

Spied the sculptural eggs for Bogardus Plaza on a flatbed in front of Morgan’s yesterday, after a heads up from Tori Weil and a few shots from her of the pavers going in. Let’s hope it’s a quick dash to the finish now that the tangle of infrastructure is cleared up.

The eggs, shown below in the rendering from local landscape architect Signe Nielsen, are granite and will be installed as both play objects and seating — a perch or a slide, if you will. In the meantime, they sure look good against the Tribeca street scape.



  1. They look hideous, absolutely hideous.

    How ’bout more green? You know, trees, bushes, flowers.

    Instead we have ugly stone behemoths.

    Play objects and seating…because Washington Market Park’s playground is not enough for kids. Btw what “playing” is a kid gonna do? Climb on the egg and jump off it? And land where? What if the kid lands on his head? Hits into someone?

    So if I sit on one egg some annoying kid will play on another? When did this neighborhood become all about the kids and their playtime?

    And nothing is better to sit on than a cold hard stone so forget most elderly people sitting on them. Oh yeah – get used to food left and drinks spilled on them.

  2. I disagree with mr. ugly’s comment. They are beautiful!
    They will add a wonderful sculptural element to the park, just wait and see.

  3. Anything is better than a construction site – would they just get this park finished!!

  4. Mr/Ms Rotten Egg: I’m sure there will be plenty of foliage, shrubs and flowers too! We will all be egg-static when it’s finished!

  5. Let’s live with the eggs for awhile and then pass judgment.

  6. There will be additional bench seating for approximately 27 people along with approx 80 chairs and 22 tables. There will also be 2500 square feet of green space. The eggs refer to Tribeca’s history when it was known as the butter and eggs district.