Dave Matthews coming to Barnes & Noble today

These Dave Matthews die-hards came out at noon yesterday and, in true rock-and-roll fashion, staked out the sidewalk overnight so they can be assured of a spot at Dave Matthews’ book signing tonight at Barnes & Noble. (No need to to call child services: they got the kids a room at the Frederick for the night and the adults will take turns in the lawn chairs.) We had one Brooklynite in the crowd, but the others were from North Jersey, Saratoga Springs and Havertown, PA. The kids said they weren’t such big fans, “but we get a day off of school,” so there’s that perk if your mom is a major groupie.

Matthews is in town to promote his new book for middle-schoolers, “If We Were Giants,” co-written with author Clete Barrett Smith. The two will host a discussion and Q&A before the signing tomorrow night at 6p, but the event is limited: only 200 wristbands will be distributed with the purchase of the book on a first come, first served basis beginning at 9a.

Here’s the dust-jacket summary and a video of Matthews and Smith explaining the book’s genesis, below:
“Kirra, a curious, agile, and outgoing girl, lives in an idyllic community hidden inside a dormant volcano. She and her father are the only two people allowed to venture beyond its walls. Kirra is in training to become a Storyteller like him, and together they travel from village to village spreading fearsome tales designed to keep outsiders away from their secret nest. One day, after hearing rumors of strangers called the Takers, Kirra leaves the volcano by herself, hoping to discover her own story. But she unknowingly leads the Takers back to her doorstep, and they rob her of everything she has ever held dear. A devastated Kirra is found by a boy named Luwan and adopted into his family, which lives among others high in the trees of a dense forest. Now quiet and withdrawn, Kirra hides her dark past from everyone and never wants to leave the safety of her tree dwelling. Luwan, on the other hand, loves to explore. One day it leads to trouble: He is captured while spying on a group of strangers. The Takers have returned. To save the Tree Folk, Kirra must face her inner demons and summon all her storytelling to weave the most important tale of her life.”