Healthy fast casual coming to 111 Murray soon

Thanks to S. for the heads up: “OneSeed” at 111 Murray promises to be fast-casual comfort food, but with a healthy twist. The pasta is zucchini noodles; the rice is cauliflower. Sounds like Mulberry & Vine? but with even fewer carb options perhaps?

From some details on LinkedIn, the founder is Nicki (Raffa) Hamilton, who started the company just a bit over a year ago after co-founding a similar concept in Dallas called Gather Kitchen. (see photo above) The first iteration of that business, which she created with chef Soraya Spencer, opened in 2017. Hamilton moved back to New York not long after. Spencer then opened a second location in Dallas, but that closed this past June. The Gather Kitchen menu is described this way:
Diners build customizable bowls made with “all-natural meats and proteins, which are designed to be paired with a range of generous bases including fresh vegetables and complex carbohydrates. The customizable dishes are then topped with Gather Kitchen’s signature sauces, all of which are handmade daily without any sugar or additives. Guests can then add toppings and vegetables to create an artisanal, homemade meal prepared before their eyes from start to finish.”

More details TK soon.

UPDATE: I heard from Nicki Hamilton, who lives in Battery Park City and who had this to share about the restaurant: “My goal with OneSeed is to bring great tasting, nutritious food to the heart of Tribeca and we are beyond excited to introduce our concept to the community this spring.”


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  1. Every diet imaginable is available in restaurants like these – except low sodium, which is one of the only diets critical to life and health. I don’t know why, but I implore the owners to add some low sodium sauces and options to their menu.