Ninja has closed after 15 years

Ninja, the subterranean Japanese theme restaurant-slash-dinner-theater buried in 25 Hudson, closed on Sunday (March 1), with little to no fanfare. Called both the “most perplexing” (by Eater) and the most “kooky and dreary” (by the Times) restaurant in the city, Ninja opened here in 2005 and had to be the most coveted — and expensive — local birthday party invite in the neighborhood. Thanks to A. for the photo, who added, “I am crushed! It’s been such a fun little gem. I would have gone for one last hurrah. :( ”

It’s good fun to read Frank Bruni’s scathing 2005 review — and also safe to say that thousands of folks ignored him on the subject.



  1. Intriguing…and sadly this is the first I’ve heard of the place, too late!

  2. I am so sad to hear that this place is closing. I had my 65th birthday there with 17 of my best girlfriends. And since then I have a brought about 12 different people there especially my friends from out of state. They all loved it. This place was the shit! I’m going to miss the food, atmosphere and especially the ninjas who played their part to the T.

    • Hats off to you, Marguerite. First time I’ve ever seen someone over the age of 65 call something “the shit.” May I be as hip as you in my social security collecting days!

  3. I can’t say I’ll miss the screaming groups of kids on the sidewalk pre/post party or the party buses full of equally loud, drunken bridal parties that seemed to be their main clientele for the past few years.

  4. Was definitely a fun one-time place to try.

    The talk amongst friends was always about how cool the toilets in the bathroom were.

  5. Ninja was open for much longer than 15 years. I think they opened in the late ’90s.

    • The sign on their door said it’s been 15 years and the Times review when it opened was 2005.

      • I distinctly remember walking by that space and seeing people come in and out of it well before and up to ’05.

        Anyone know what was in that space before Ninja?

  6. shoudl have closed after a year…not sure how they made it that long…unreal

  7. ack! wanted to go here since moving into Tribeca. I hate seeing restaurants go but if everyone lasted on avg 15 years that would be good. That whole corner at Duane is now fairly empty less the yoga place and one medical. Seems like those corner spaces would create some nice neighborhood vibe. Well its not going in the right direction at the moment. Hope it changes

  8. What a shame. My kids loved this place. It was overpriced but it was fun. We loved the magician!

  9. Tribeca used to be about iconic food places – Nobu, Montrachet, Chanterelle. It is sad to see that not much has come in to carry on that standard.

  10. Fifteen years is a standard term for restaurant leases. Draw any conclusion you wish.

  11. I took my family here once. It was literally the Spa Castle of Pseudo-Japanese theme restaurants.