Report from Pier 40: A look at Google’s 550 Washington

Of course this is out of the ‘hood, but since so many of us are invested in the doings at Pier 40, and since we all drive/bike/run by this site near daily, thought there would be interest. These are renderings of 550 Washington, the building south of Houston on West Street currently being dismantled (see it on the left in my photo). It is now being built for Google by Oxford Properties and designed by Cookfox Architects (I love that their website features a beehive in action, referencing nature’s invertebrate architects).







  1. It’s SO much brighter over there now, it’s refreshing!

    Feel bad though for the folks at 160 Leroy that have had to deal with the unbearable amount of noise from the demolition and upcoming construction. What’s their view going to look like when Google’s building is complete?

    • Worst part is that there’s going to be a tall residential building going up on the part north of Houston Street. So definitely no southern views for them after a few years.