New York Law School on West Bway closes its campus for coronavirus

The first Tribeca connection to the coronavirus has been made: New York Law School closed its campus on West Broadway and Leonard yesterday after a student reported that he/she had had contact with the Westchester lawyer infected with the coronavirus which has now spread to 11 cases. The story was first reported on Law360, and confirmed now on the law school’s website.

As of 6a yesterday morning, the school announced it would close so it could clean its facilities. There have been no reports of the virus on campus, yet the school decided it would close out of “an abundance of caution.” Classes and activities are closed today as well, and there are no classes scheduled for Friday anyway, since that is the start of the school’s spring break.

The Starbucks across West Broadway was also closed yesterday, but press reps from the company said that was a coincidence — that the district facilities manager closed the shop for another, yet unknown, reason. (It is back open today, so I will let you draw your own conclusion.)

The lawyer works for Lewis & Garbuz, whose offices are at Grand Central. He went to the hospital on Feb. 27, according to Law360, and the neighbor who drove him there is now also infected. The NYLS student is now in self-quarantine.



  1. Here’s hoping for a quick recovery.

  2. Did the student and their roommate get tested ..?
    I don’t see any news on the results in the past 3 days. Hopefully it’s good news.