Blood Manor application for liquor license withdrawn

The operators of Blood Manor — the haunted house at 359 Broadway and Leonard/Franklin — have withdrawn their application for a liquor license after a wave of community opposition, including a petition that got 517 signatures. (The meeting at CB1 was scheduled for March 11. Thanks to P. for the heads up.) You can see more details and complaints in the post here, though this comment on the petition sums it up:

The management failed to control noise at Halloween – in fact staff were out on Broadway with bullhorns into the early morning hours exhorting the crowd to scream — and scream they did. No consideration for residents trying to sleep. They already have a bad track record without a liquor license. Adding sanctioned liquor to the mix a nightmare for the neighborhood. Bad bad idea.



  1. The NIMBY contingent is strong in TriBeCa.

    OOOH there was NOISE on Halloween!!! GOOD GOD.

    Weren’t any of you young once?

    The place was on Broadway which is not a residential strip (it has a decent amount of apartments but not many and I doubt very many have children as who wants their children to live right on Broadway?)

    I agree a new venue should be respectful but they don’t have 100% control of their patrons off grounds and never will.

    This area is in desperate need of places to go out. It really is a morgue down here on the weekends.

    You want quiet? Move to Mahopac.

  2. I for one enjoy the quiet. I love that the streets are empty after 9-10:00 most nights. If I wanted lots of activities I’d live uptown a bit further. For me the quiet is perfect.

  3. I live on Broadway and have kids. My neighbors have kids. My building is full of kids. The entire strip from Walker going south is full of residential buildings, and they’re increasing in number. I love living on Broadway, arguably one of the most famous strips in the world! If I wanted a goofy B&T tourist attraction, I’d go to Bubba Gump in Times Square. This venue does nothing for the neighborhood.

  4. This Blood Manor place wasn’t like a normal bar or concert venue. They put on a ‘show’ outside of the club running late into the night with a carnival barker using a loudspeaker and exhorting the crowd. I’m all for nightlife downtown. But BM was awful.

    • I actually don’t believe your comment at all. A carnival barker with a loudspeaker wouldn’t last in most neighborhoods. They may have a hustle but a loudspeaker? Dat just can’t be true man.

  5. Not only were they outside with a bullhorn encouraging people to yell, but sometimes there was someone with a boom box turned way up. The thing that made me the most nervous was the acrobats who had tied themselves to the scaffolding for the adjacent building with scarves in some kind of cheap circus act. In recent weeks, they have hosted parties on the weekends. There is a bouncer and people sneaking in and out of the front door. From our apartment, we can see the crowds through their windows. They continue to break the law in a variety of ways.