Real Pilates will close for the coronavirus

Real Pilates, the studio that has been on Duane Street (in two locations) since 1998, will close after classes this Sunday in order to protect clients and staff from the coronavirus. I believe this is the first small business in the neighborhood to close for that reason; I have heard from several that said they will stay open but increase cleaning efforts. Comment here as you hear of other businesses that are following suit.

“We love our clients and our community – but we are responsible for your wellness and your health,” wrote founder Alycea Ungaro in an email to clients. “Putting you at risk is not something I can live with. Should someone in our circle fall ill due to our negligence – I could not bear that.”

But as of Monday morning, clients can logon to an online class for $20. Teachers have spent the past five years adjusting their skills for online classes, and clients can take a class with that particular teacher.

This, from Alycea, may sum up how many local shop owners are feeling: “We are not shutting down! Through 9/11, the crash of 2008 and Hurricane Sandy, Real Pilates has weathered it all and we’ll be here for you through this and on the other side.”


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  1. Manhattan Youth just sent an email about closing this weekend for deeper disinfection.