Whole Foods packed; shelves empty

I just spent $6.49 on eggs. God save us all. (Though it turns out the pasture-raised eggs come with a little note on the Bird of the Month.)

A. sent the pic above last night at 8p, and I assumed things would be loaded up by this morning. But the shot below is mine at 8a. The workers there tell me the problem is supply from the warehouse to the stores. They have product there (except for grains) but they don’t enough trucks or drivers to get them to the stores. But oddly all the fresh food and produce is stocked. “So if all hell breaks loose we can have exotic fruits and French cheeses.”

The line was about 45 minutes long at the Warren Street check out this morning, but they are taking 25 items and under at the express registers on the West Street side. Oh, and no deliveries.

And a quick report from N. from the RiteAid in Brookfield: “Giant line, no toilet paper, no paper towels. But Easter candy is on sale so it is still a winner in my book.”

And finally my favorite handwashing tip of the season, from T.: sing the chorus to Jolene twice over.



  1. That’s so weird- I was there around 9:30 AM on Thursday, and it seemed no busier than normal, with shelves pretty well stocked, except for pasta & cans of imported tomatoes.

    The only thing they were totally out of was the international currency of the apocalypse- toilet paper.

  2. As a team member of whole foods I can definitely say that the distributing Warehouse we have are extremely backed up. Yes, that is going to be like this in the next few days. But unfortunately because of the excessive buying we are doing, we have a cap limit and we cannot buy as much as before. So whatever is in the shelves is likely all we have. People are just grabbing what they need. All other spices, dressings, liquor, and things from the hot bar I untouched.

    • Thank you for all your hard work Alex TM. This is a trying time for all of us and you and your fellow workers have been real life savers for us all. I hope you stay safe and know that your work is appreciated.

  3. I ordered from Whole Foods on March 13 and with little choice of delivery times, I was due to receive the order yesterday evening, March 15 between 5-7 pm. When I didn’t receive it by 7pm, I started contacting Prime and Amazon, They were very unhelpful and told me I might still get the order. In the middle of the night, I received an email that the order was cancelled without any explanation. I can understand that they couldn’t deliver the order for various reasons, but I would have appreciated a text to that effect.

    • I had the exact same experience. My groceries were due to arrive yesterday afternoon and the tracking on the Amazon website started and everything. It even told me my deliverer was on the way. Food never showed and they cancelled my order.