Seen & Heard: Love in the time of COVID-19

No social distancing on the roof of City Vineyard! This spotted yesterday by F., who kept *his* distance. It may be gatherings like this that have the city comptroller, Scott Stringer, calling for a shutdown of the city’s restaurants: “The way to get out of crisis is to act logically and strategically. Logic says we need universal testing but that’s sadly not happening. Strategy says we need more aggressive social distancing.”

The Downtown Community Center closed this weekend for a deep clean; provided all goes ok this week, it will be open 9 to 6 and open next weekend.

G. spotted this on the mailbox near Balloon Saloon.

Danny Meyer is closing his entire group of restaurants, paying his employees through the end of the pay period. “Of course, we SO wish we could do business as usual, keeping all of our people working and offering the comfort of our cooking and hospitality to our guests. But it’s unequivocally necessary and responsible that we do our part to keep everyone safe. For those of us who find purpose and passion in bringing people together, we must confront the reality that togetherness may be a threat to the health and safety of our community at this time.”

Sola Pasta Bar and Sola Lab are also closing temporarily.

Painted while masked.


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Water frame 2019 : still relevant. Letters not drawn, only framed.

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  1. What a bunch of self-absorbed, selfish losers.

    The party is over for awhile for them as there will be a ban on dining out in NYC – take out and delivery only.

    • We closed down Sunday ahead of being forced to. Saturday, we took measures for crowd control, distancing, etc. Now we are closed, our staff have no income, we are paying their health coverage til May, we have no income and are in a war-time mentality for survival. Would appreciate the understanding.

  2. Instead of love in Covid 19 or shaming City Winery, can we figure out some ways through the site to help our local businesses during this time while remaining safe? Maybe a list of who will be open and delivering after Tuesday, or any other ways we can help? Also maybe a place where people who are high risk might need help getting access to food or other necessities can ask for it?

  3. I was talking a walk and saw City Vineyard, it was shocking. But agree with BGE. Eater has been posting lists of restaurants offer new/special delivery. Keep in mind that if a restaurant isn’t already on a delivery app they can’t get up and running immediately and typically, the apps charge a massive commission. However, Seamless sent out an email noting they are waiving the commission and offering other services like contactless delivery. I think it’s always best to call and order, especially now. You can also buy gift cards now to use later.

  4. I agree with the sentiments of BGE in that it would be good to have local businesses let the site know if they are open. Restaurants and stores with take out and delivery services can be supported to try to help them through this. Many of the larger restaurant chains have closed down completely but if any local places are trying to stay open and still offering take out or delivery we would be happy to try to support them.

  5. Not sure how much City Winery shaming there is but “those” people who are “defying” the virus are selfish and ultimately ignorant. Their symptoms may be non-existent but what about those around them? This virus isn’t about the individual.

  6. Coronavirus is such a complex subject and it requires true leadership. Yes, it is a huge issue financially for businesses as well as everyone else. But this is way beyond that, just like 9/11 was.

    The rules are out the window. We must self quarantine or lives will be put at risk. This is not a time for selfishness or self indulgence.

  7. Don’t worry all…head to Stew Leonard’s : I

  8. Serious times. But, thanks for the bit of cheer from Robert Janz.

  9. ART in mask painting is at least positive.