Seen & Heard: What the crowd *really* looked like at City Vineyard

The crowd that looked dense from the outside at City Vineyard on Saturday was actually just a single row of patrons sitting along the perimeter of the roofdeck, according to the bar’s security cameras. I should have checked myself before running the picture, but I hope this sets the record straight. Let’s hope it’s not too long before we can all be up there ourselves.

Many of the local galleries have postponed openings, and some have decided to close temporarily. Here’s my list of closures so far:
R & Co.
Sapar Contemporary
Soho Photo Gallery
One Art Space
Cheryl Hazan Gallery

National Museum of the American Indian is open NOW CLOSED as are all Smithsonian museums, but all events are cancelled through May 3.

I spotted the John J. Harvey fireboat parked at Pier 25 last week. Always a treat to see it nearby. While its usual berth is in Chelsea, you may recall that it has a downtown connection: it helped rescue refugees from the World Trade Center on 9/11, picking them up in Battery Park City and delivering them uptown and to New Jersey.



  1. ‘All Smithsonian museums in Washington, D.C., including the National Zoo, and in New York City are temporarily closed to support the effort to contain the spread of COVID-19. All public programs, events, and tours are canceled through May 3. We are not announcing a re-opening date at this time and will provide updates on a week-to-week basis on social media and our websites.”

  2. With schools and gyms closed, the Hudson River Park is crowded with adults and children and with runners moving through them at breakneck speed. Their sweat and spit and heavy breath is flying over everyone. Before the city is forced to close parks to enforce social distancing, runners and bikers could move to the empty streets to exercise in a responsible, socially distancing way.

    • MC,
      The bikers will be on the bike path where you or your family should not be walking.. much like you should not walk down the middle of a street with fast moving objects.
      The runners have as much right to run as you have to walk.. if you practice the general keep to the right rule of roads and paths rather than stretch out four wide then there would be less moving around people.
      I hardly think their heavy breath and sweat is flying all over you, clinging to your person.. Remain calm and practical and don’t spread fear.

    • I could not agree more. I finally took my puppy out for a walk after being cooped up for days and I did not feel comfortable or safe walking along the Hudson.

  3. is there any way to get the parks to take down the fencing early to allow for more space? there is no where to take the kids out to run.

  4. The crowd is smaller other than the pic, but they’re still not social distancing.

  5. That’s so funny- I biked by on Saturday, and noticed how crowded it looked from the bike path.

  6. My great grand father John Dorman was fire commissioner of NYC when the JJ Harvey was christened. We have a picture of my grandmother christening the boat for its first voyage. A proud part of our families’ history and that of NYC as well

    • Would you send to me at You can just take a picture of the picture. One of my oldest pals was one of the collective of self-described “wharf rats” who resurrected it. I would love to send that to his wife.

  7. Your original photo of City Vineyard was accurate and showed an outrageously overcrowded bar during a time when that was prohibited by law. Before you accept this “official” City Vineyard photo as anything other than fake news – do what a journalist would do. Look at the time stamp of the originally crowded photo and get the digital data from City Vineyard of this photo. If the time stamps are not the same, you have your answer.

  8. I ran past City Vineyard as the sun was setting and, whatever might have been happening on the roof deck, fine (although that pic still shows people inches apart)- what I saw was on the ground level: All four tops crowded with 6+ people, standing room only, music blaring. City Vineyard made it uber-inviting to be out and about, socializing like crazy, and staying a long while.

  9. I have to admit that I was one of the patrons of the City of the Wineries that fateful day. But I make no apologies. Their Happy Hour special of Typhoid Bloody Marys were soooo worth the possible exposure!
    To clarify, the 1st precinct and City Winery are the sole source of the COVID-19 spread? And anyone shopping at WF or Target is totally exempt and immune to causing any spread? Good to know. #BeBest.