Local businesses are getting creative — from a distance

Local businesses are getting hit from two directions: city orders to keep people from gathering and the emptying out of the neighborhood. It’s safe to say that everyone with a country home is in it, and the workers from Citi, Goldman and BMCC who patronize so many of our local shops are also sequestered in their own neighborhoods.

So folks are getting creative. You may be able to help them out, even if you are not in town.

Many of the local dance studios have online classes and are offering deals to at least give them a try. I’ll do a bigger post on exercise classes during the virus outbreak shortly, but in the meantime by way of example, DanceBody is holding live-streamed classes that don’t require equipment and are being offered at discounted rates. Try Dance Cardio 101, Signature, Butt Lift or Abs. “As a small business owner, I ask that you please be patient and give us some time to recalibrate our next steps,” added Katia Pryce. “Necessity is the mother of invention, and we plan to keep reinventing different ways to dance with you as we move forward.”

Maman has closed its Tribeca store along with almost all of its others, but the Soho outlet (Centre at Grand) has takeout from 8 to 3 and is offering free delivery on foot for its menu plus two original ideas (below). And since the company had to lay off — hopefully temporarily — more than 80 employees today, $5 from each sale will go to a Maman Staff Fund.

Cookie Dough To Go $30 ($25 + $5)
– available in nutty chocolate, ginger oatmeal raisin, and triple chocolate
– makes 12 80g cookies – lasts 7 days in the fridge or perfect to freeze for when cravings hit

Maman’s At Home Coffee Kit $20 ($15 + $5)
– grounds or whole beans of @parlorcoffee – maman printed to go cups – assorted sugars and sweeteners – milks available upon request

The spa on Hudson hopes to be open again by the end of the month. In the meantime, they are offering virtual facials where a provider will walk you through the products you already have, or ship new products for free. They also had this good advice: “We can’t emphasize enough the importance of exercise, sleep and proper nutrition right now. Eat as many fruits, veggies and probiotic foods to feed your immune system well. Get some socially-distant exercise in, like yoga in your apartment or going for a solo run. And really get the most of working from home by getting at least eight hours of sleep per night.”

180 The Store on Duane Street has partnered with Cleaver Co. — the fabulous farm-to-table takeout purveyor from the Chelsea Market who actually started here on White Street — to provide meals to-go here. Customers can place an order for the company’s frozen dinners at cleaverco.com and pick up at 180 Duane every Monday from 2 to 4 and Tuesday from 11 to 1.

However, 180 The Store has decided to shorten store hours from 11a to 4p and book by appointment only. “We feel proud of our decision and our duty to our people during these scary and isolated times. We’ll emerge from this and come back stronger. We look forward to see you back in our doors!”