COVID-19 Update: The Westfield mall has closed temporarily

Westfield World Trade Center closed its operations as of late last night, sending an announcement out at 2a. The website shows the center closed through next week, with hours posted starting March 30.

The company added that essential retailers will remain open, and changes to their hours can be found here. Eataly is grocery so will remain open. In clicking through the list, it seems only WeWork, Shake Shack and PNC Bank have posted hours. Westfield is still working with GrowNYC to determine if there is interest from the farmers to open next Tuesday.

This is the note:
During this unprecedented time, we have been carefully considering the health, safety, and overall wellbeing of our community, tenants, employees, and customers every step of the way as the coronavirus (COVID-19) news unfolds. These are extremely challenging days for many, but we do believe that we will prevail together, our collective strength seeing us through this crisis.

As a company that takes its role in the local— and global—community seriously, Westfield is committed to doing what is right. Therefore, as of tonight, we have decided to temporarily close the majority of our shopping center operations to further contribute to the fight against this pandemic.

I want to emphasize that we are still here for you… and not just in spirit. We are doing everything we can to ensure that essential retailers will remain open to support you. Please refer to our website for a list of those retailers and real-time changes in their hours. And don’t hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions.


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  1. That’s great to hear. Their rotisserie chicken is amazing and seems like a covid free dish potentially