Help from the experts to keep your kids busy

A lot of our neighborhood businesses that provide classes for kids are finding ways to share their expertise, their products and their lessons while kids are stuck at home or even out of the city. Here’s the list to date, and I will update as more comes in:

DWMR is posting dance class content on its YouTube page and it is free and open to all.  They are also posting videos on Instagram. And this from Miss Rachel: “We want kids to stay moving and stay connected to us as much as possible.”

DDF will head to online classes as of next week, with a plan for 80+ classes per week for different ages/dance genres for dancers, to be supplemented with a video library, online memberships to dance communities for our advanced students and more to come.

Brooklyn Game Lab is presenting live board game and role-playing game content for kids (and adults!) of all ages, Wednesdays through Sundays, from 11a to 5p. There will be how-to-plays, role play gaming, drawing tutorials, game design challenges, and more. View it all on the homepage (scroll down!) or join us on our Twitch stream.
The company may adjust the schedule as remote learning is rolled out for public schools. Plus the content is all free. “We may not be able to play games in person at this time but we will continue to share our love and enthusiasm for gaming to all!”


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The Craft Studio is offering virtual classes and selling craft kits that customers can purchase through the website or over the phone. For classes, the studio will ship supplies in advance and they will also host less expensive classes on Zoom where participants can use supplies they already have at home. They also have free daily at-home crafting video tutorials on Instagram. Check out all the offerings here. From Lindsey Peers: “This is so unbelievable. We went from best in NY last year to now being closed and worried we won’t make it. We are doing everything we can to stay afloat.”

Modern Martial Arts is offering online classes live-streamed on Facebook for members, both kids (ages 3+) and adults. If there’s interest in the community, they would love to be able to open it up to new students as well. “It’s not the same as being able to attend in-person, but it is a great way to keep the kiddos active during the day and for adults to keep up their fitness habits they’ve worked so hard on,” said Mary Murphy. “The support we’ve already seen from the community has been so heart-warming and encouraging. We’ll be starting our 20th year in business this October. The thought of COVID-19 being able to wipe us out is just devastating. So many of us have put our lives into this and it’s just unimaginable.”

Pixel Academy is offering free live-streaming on its YouTube channel that covers lessons, coding, Minecraft and other fun activities. The company’s day camp is free to healthcare workers and first responders who need childcare while they are working. They will also have virtual classes online soon.

Laura Rohrman’s Playwriting For Kids classes that were due to start April 1 have been postponed until at least September, but in the meantime, she is running Zoom Saturday Monologue Writing Workshops. “We did a trial run last weekend and it was really great. I gave the kids an interview assignment (to call a grandparent or older person) that will hopefully help us with prompts for our next session.
The kids seemed to love it, just like our regular class. I felt like this is an outlet the kids need. We are writing our feelings.” Classes will meet on Zoom every Saturday from noon to 1 through April. They will film the finished monologues at the end of the month. Classes are $15 a session or $50 for the month of April.

The Children’s Museum of the Arts has produced several online programs for working with kids. CMA Live! has free events taking place throughout the week, including Music Time with Tom in the morning and Movement with Mackie during the after school hours. There is also an Artwork of the Day, with prompts for discussions; a Daily Art Challenge; and video lessons for parents and teachers. See more on Instagram.

Local resident Maria Katzman, a painter who has taught art for 20 years and runs after school classes called On-Site Art, is now offering a series of online classes through Zoom. Each 1.5-hour session includes drawing and painting lessons as well as virtual visits to museums in the city and beyond. Students will learn practical approaches to drawing, sketching and water coloring. Students will experiment with many art materials while focusing on the basics, including contour drawing, shading, space, color and expressive mark making. They will also explore genres including still life, architecture, landscape, portraits and abstract art. To register contact Maria directly at or 917-815-5999.

Brooklyn Robot Foundry is offering individual, live-streaming classes where students learn basic engineering principles as they build and customize a very cool robot. The Foundry’s super low student-to-teacher ratio, along with their unique building process, allow students to attend these “drop-off” classes without additional assistance from parents. Plus, children can play with their robot long after class. Purchase as many classes as you want and they’ll send the corresponding robot kits. Order three or more kits, for 10% off. (Use coupon code: MoreRobots) Once you receive the kits, they’ll schedule your child into the next live, online class for that particular robot.

Rocket Club, the engineering program that was scheduled to open this spring on Nassau Street (they opened and then immediately had to close), is hosting a live trivia game every day for kids 8 to 14 every day at 5p. Participants compete on questions of engineering and entrepreneurship and they can also ask questions of industry leaders, such as NASA astronauts. The game is free, and winners take home “rocket fuel,” which they can later cash in for prizes. The topics include autonomous cars, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The head of Apple Music was on last week, and Andrew Yang is joining a session next week!

Sessions are limited in size, so parents must sign kids up in advance here, and then register for each trivia game.

Every week, JCP Downtown hosts live virtual concerts for kids in partnership with award-winning children’s musicians Suzi Shelton and Joanie Leeds. Enjoy Sing with Suzi on Thursdays at 4p here. And join in on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9a for Music with Joanie here.