If you are desperate for fresh air…

The parks are open, at least until we have to shelter in place (and who knows if that will happen, since the governor and mayor are, as usual, not on the same page). So if you need to run your kids, or run yourself, here are the options and what they looked like yesterday afternoon around 2. Chime in with any other ideas for getting out while we still can.

The lawn is poised to be resodded, but until that starts, it’s open for business. Not a bad idea to fly a kite and have the kids chase after it, if you ask me.

The fields are open for business during the usual hours:

The Pier 25 playground and turf field were pretty light on crowds, but the esplanade path was packed with runners and walkers.

The lawns are still closed, but there’s plenty of room on the courts and play equipment. The main playground is still under construction scheduled to open later this spring.



  1. The Roof Deck at City Winery

  2. Today Governor Cuomo said that “vulnerable populations can go outside for solitary exercise.” Perhaps our parks, like some of our food stores, could have hours just for this group.

  3. Based on what I have been hearing/reading about best practices we should not be encouraging interactions with playground equipment. There is a reason the playgrounds are empty.

  4. I walked from pier 40 to Chambers St. last Monday. The esplanade was packed making social distancing impossible.

  5. Call this severe I don’t care:

    Parks/open spaces need “social distancing” police to keep people from being within six feet of each other and that includes people together. That’s right…when you go out with your sweetheart you’ll walk six feet away from them. You want to be within six feet, go home and be that there. I’m not kidding.

    Three or more people together should be fined $60 each ($10 per foot within six feet x 6 feet) – I’m not kidding about that either cuz only selfish, careless ignoramuses walk together three or more. So yeah, $180 if you and two pals decide to hang out on a park bench.

    Also ANYONE who coughs without covering their mouth or making an attempt to cover it should be fined $60, too. The officer should have Lysol to immediately spray that area after fining.

    Lastly anyone who lets their children play in playgrounds should have their head examined and fined $60 too (a fine per child.)

    • If we’re getting serious about fining people for practicing poor COVID 19 prevention tactics, then just make them permanent for the 2020-21 flu season. However, I can not see a police officer issuing a citation for an uncovered sneeze.

      While we’re at it, since this city silence is actually quite calming and awesome, perhaps it’s time to get serious about big fines for noise pollution after our city reboots.

  6. This article is irresponsible.

    There are way too many people at parks, playgrounds and walking / biking paths. Kindly stop encouraging people to “go out for fresh air”. Yes, occasionally go outside but not in this manner where we have a high density of people.

    Staying inside and social distancing will save lives. Thank you.

    • It’s not irresponsible to go outside so I think it’s unfair to call this article irresponsible. What is irresponsible are the groups going outside together, particular big packs of kids playing because parents don’t want to be indoors with them. And it changes daily. So cut her some slack. I will say as a runner, I have stopped running on the bike path because there are just too many people, but streets are getting empty so it’s a surprisingly nice alternative. I think everyone needs to use their judgement – if you go to one of these parks and it’s crowded, leave.

  7. Even if you go outside to parks or anywhere else, the idea is to still physically distance from others. This is not the time for contact sports or crowded picnics. Avoid touching surfaces as much as humanly possible. Enjoy a nice solitary walk or jog, keep healthy out there…

  8. Along the Hudson River parkway it’s been impossible to social distance. People are not listening to Governor Cuomo! Wake up people and stop being so selfish! Let’s flatten the curve!

  9. Just a heads up for folks with dogs! We tried to bring our pup to the Tribeca Dog Park at pier 26 on Sunday and it was closed (it was open on Saturday, so its closure came as a surprise).