Whole Foods limiting shoppers to 50 at a time

Whole Foods has instituted a new shopping policy — thanks to J. for the photo — limiting store capacity to 50 shoppers at a time. Customers can only enter on Greenwich Street — West Street is closed — and exit at Warren. When doors open at 8a for general shoppers, the guard counts to 50. When the guard at Warren tells him that 10 people have left, another 10 are let in.

The stores hours continue to be 8 to 9 for regular shopping, 7 to 8a for people 60 and over.



  1. Anyone know why bed bath beyond abruptly closed today?

    Says closed temporarily due to unforeseen circumstances
    Was business as usual yesterday.

    • Some have decided to fully close and others have modified hours. Check their store finder as they’ve updated their list with the closures and hours of the stores that are open.

    • Clean up on aisle 19

    • Non-essential has to close today, Sunday. I have to think that’s why they closed yesterday.

      • BBB hasn’t sent out a new email after the one saying that some would close and some would have reduced hours (based on how big their Harmon and cleaning products sections were – bigger were staying open but for reduced hours), but the website now says all stores closed until April 3.

        • About an hour ago, BBB sent an email.
          “ Starting Monday, March 23, all Bed Bath & Beyond locations will close until April 3.”

    • The CEO made a statement yesterday (Sunday) that all physical stores will be shut. Only online shopping.

  2. I went to Gourmet Garage this morning around 8 am and there was only 1 other person shopping. They had a great selection of stuff..including mini/purse size purell’s and various wipes that I haven’t seen anywhere in ages. I asked the woman who checked me out (who was in a great mood) if they had just gotten fresh stock in and she said they got a big load in yesterday.

  3. Just a note to let people know that Amish Market is also stocked really well and the manager there is very nice. Small business that has been in the neighborhood for a long time. They can probably use a boost during this time too.