Trader Joe’s in Soho is temporarily closed

The Trader Joe’s outlet in Soho, which on Tuesday had lines out the door and down the street, is now closed after crew members (note plural) tested positive for COVID-19. The latest date on which a crew member with a positive test was in the store is on March 17, according to the company’s website. (Thanks to D. for the photo and M. and S. for the heads up.)

There are currently seven Trader Joe’s stores closed on the east coast for the coronavirus, including the Chelsea store on Sixth Avenue and the 14th Street grocery and wine stores. At the 14th Street stores, a crew member who tested positive was last in the store on March 22. The stores will reopen as soon as it is cleaned and restocked. The store in Plainview, Long Island, closed on Sunday, March 22, and will reopen today.



  1. Barnes and Nobles now closed.

  2. Important for Tribeca to support Trader Joe’s if we want more than one option locally. Hope they can reopen soon