Get dressed! And other creative solutions from Tribeca’s small businesses

Shopboy, the tailor at 62 Walker, is closed temporarily but is offering 10 percent discounts on gift cards to local residents with the code TRIBECA. And Desmond and Kendall are also offering this advice:
We love all things clothes, but we still know that nothing feels better than taking off an outfit at the end of the day and throwing on your favorite t-shirt. However, the notion that what you wear affects how you feel has never rang more true to us than it has this past week. As we spend our days at home, we are making a point to get ready in the morning and put on an outfit we feel good in. Not only does it give us a much needed sense of structure in our day, but it just feels good to look good!

Battery Park City acupuncturist Kelley Mondesiré is holding remote health and wellness counseling via teleconferencing, which is HIPPA compliant, to existing patients and new clients, especially people who are unable to get out to see their allergist, pain doctor, chiropractor, osteopath or nutritionist. Via Zoom, she will be advising on nutrition, providing guided meditation and relaxation techniques, and through a third party, helping clients purchase and then use earseeds and light pads for guided self treatment. Some conditions that can be addressed are migraines, any type of joint or muscle pain, seasonal rhinitis, pelvic floor pain (both male and female), menstrual cramps, menopausal symptoms and augmentation of the immune system. “This could be the band-aid they put on unt we get back to normal,” Kelley said. “It’s spit and vinegar here. But I just want to do what I can to serve this community and keep my business going.” See her site at Golden Acupuncturist.

Greca, the restaurant on Washington and Watts, is offering dog sitting services for folks who need to get away from their pet for a bit. They also have grocery and pantry essentials (milk, eggs, butter, olive oil, pasta, coffee, tea, etc.), prepared specialties from The Greek, trays of spanakopita, Stay Healthy gift bags with natural remedies from Greece, and — wait for it — cocktails by the pitcher to go.

This from Otto Penzler: “I do not have adequate vocabulary to express my gratitude to all the customers who stepped up to support The Mysterious Bookshop by ordering through our website, via e-mail, and by telephone. But without any income, the store faces a serious existential crisis. If you have not been crushed by being laid off and are in a position to help, your continued support would be mightily welcome. Check our website and find some books that you’d like to have and order them online; it’s easy. We cannot send them until we’re allowed back in the store, but finding a big backlog of orders when we return would breathe life into the operation.”

Postmasters Gallery on Franklin opened its new show on March 14, and then closed along with the rest of the Tribeca Gallery District just a couple days later. “Left is Right, Down is Up” is a show of two works by Serkan Özkaya and Joseph Beuys, and it is still up in a closed gallery. “We meant it to be a situation-specific show, a timely proposition to experience — through art — the current moment. Now we are trying to navigate actual/virtual terrain, go beyond known formulas, and think up ways to address the once-impossible.” The result: a short film made by Serkan Özkaya with cinematographer Deniz Tortum. And this from the gallery: “If you can’t see the show, see this.”

Economy Candy is not in Tribeca, but if it was, my daughter and I would have a shorter commute. Adding it in here, since it is our downtown supplier and a third-generation city business — 80 years on Rivington Street and the city’s oldest candy store. (I heard from Skye Greenfield Cohen, whose husband, Mitchell, is the grandson of the OG and is currently running the store. That’s him as a kid below, and his dad and grandfather below that.) The store is closed (they usually have 15 employees) but Skye and Mitchell are doing whatever they can to fulfill orders online and support the staff. So here’s an idea: order a CandyCare Pack for a loved one (read: send home) online. They have the Basic Pack (candy/chocolate), a Health Nut Pack (dried fruits and nuts) or a Combo Pack (a little bit of everything). There’s also the Recess Pack which is filled with toys as well as Easter Packs and Passover Packs for those who may be forgoing celebrations this year but still want to spread some cheer.