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Takeshi Sushi, the omakase jewel box of a restaurant on Grand that was built around the talents of chef Takeshi Sato, is launching a delivery and takeout service starting this coming week to help the staff get through this crazy time in our lives. They also renovated the restaurant, above, so here’s hoping we can actually sit in it soon. The restaurant is on Yelp, or text (917) 675-0771 or email

Extrafloral, the shop at 18 Jay, has paused deliveries, but plans to move to contact-less deliveries soon. In the meantime, fans can purchase gift cards for future floral orders and workshops here. Wrote Tasha: “It’s a strange time to be a florist (or anyone for that matter) whose work not only relies on the availability of an ephemeral product, but on a long and complex chain of interpersonal exchanges now frozen in place. We have been using this time to highlight that the flowers on your table at home pass through so many hardworking hands on their way to you, something that makes them all the more precious, especially now. From the farmers, to the wholesalers, to our staff and freelance community, the flower world is tended by some of the hardiest and most resilient people.”

Tenoverten has started a GoFundMe page for its employees, after their salons (on Fulton, Reade and Houston) closed temporarily on March 13. “We plan to re-open as soon as we’re able and in the meantime have set this up to directly support our wonderful staff.” The company’s web store is open for product sales in the meantime. Find them here.

Outer Reach, the new stretching studio on Greenwich, is offering 1-on-1 (or few-on-1 if you are isolating with close family) remote stretch sessions via Zoom to regular clients and will begin offering it more widely soon. (I need this.) The studio is asking clients to pay instructors directly via Venmo to help support them during this crisis. They are also asking the community to consider buying gift cards that they are using to help support staff. There are also stretch tips on the studio’s Instagram @outer.reach that are great for Work From Home breaks; there will also be 20- to 30-minute Instagram Live stretch classes.


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Neck Pull into Forward Fold 1) Stand with hands interlaced behind head, elbows bent within your peripheral vision. . 2) Roll chin to chest to stretch Scalenes. Relax upper traps and drape collar bones wide. . 3) Begin transition into Standing Forward Fold by bending knees to roll slowly down to touch fingers to the floor. . 4) Fingers stay tented on floor. Lengthen legs by plugging thighs back and up into hips. Think of an inner spiral, hugging muscle more deeply to bone with the consistent activity of drawing thighs back. . 5) Keep stability in the foundation of the feet, weight more centered back over the front of heels, to leverage the weight of the head and spine against thighs back into acetabulum to find space in the low back. . 6) Slowly roll back up to standing.

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