Trader Joe’s on Spring is back open with senior hours

Closed for cleaning last week, the Trader Joe’s on Spring Street is back open for business. Hours are 9a to 7p every day; 8 to 9a for seniors 60 and over, as well as the disabled who made need assistance.

The 14th Street grocery store (same hours) and the wine store are also back open. The wine store hours are 10a to 7p Monday through Saturday, and noon to 7p on Sundays.


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  1. I went to TJ’s Spring St. Wednesday late morning and there was a social-distanced line out to and around the corner of 6th Ave — but if you are, as I am, over 50 you can just go right in. Once inside the shelves were full and there were virtually no people and no line at the check out. A good experience and a healthy walk.