USNS Comfort making its way up Hudson now

The Navy’s 1,000-bed hospital ship — the USNS Comfort is on its way up the Hudson now, having just cruised by Battery Park City. (Thanks to N. and K. for the photos.) It will dock at Pier 90, in the Passenger Ship Terminals at the end of 50th Street. (See the cool video below from the neighborhood.)

The Comfort is equipped with 12 operating rooms, ICU beds, radiology suites, a CAT scanner and a pharmacy, and it has 1100 Navy medical and support staff members on board, as well as 70 civil service mariners, according to the Navy’s blog for its two hospital ships.

It will serve as a referral hospital for patients NOT infected with COVID-19, providing general surgeries, critical care and ward care for adults. The ship expects to begin receiving patients in 24 hours, coordinated with local hospitals. Patients will not be accepted on a walk-on basis, and should not come to the pier with an expectation that they can receive care.

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