Taste of Tribeca is now serving local restaurants — and local medical teams

Taste of Tribeca is trying to give back to its restaurants and in a way, close a loop on the virus in an effort to help. Organizers are taking donations through GoFundMe and in turn will soon be placing orders at the restaurants who will then deliver the meals to emergency room workers at New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital. They are trying to help the neighborhood and the frontline workers, all in one transaction. And it’s working.

In two days, they have already raised more than $10k on a $15k goal. The plan is to serve 100 people a day and spend $10 per person, or $1000 a day. They will keep it up till the money runs out. “We’d like to do this as often and as much as we can. It’s a work in progress but our team will do the best we can to help as many people/businesses as we can,” said Bettina Teodoro, a former Taste chair and current board chair.

The hospital has asked that the food be delivered to the 83 Gold St. ER entrance, where a security guard will collect it. So far there are three lunch dates scheduled, and the team is now matching the restaurants with dates. The hospital hopes to be able to accept dinner donations soon. The group is also in touch with NYU Langone and Bellevue and trying to figure out how to handle delivery from Tribeca to hospitals in other boroughs. “We would love to find a delivery partner,” said Bettina.

It’s called the Taste of Tribeca Community Fund. Donate here. I can’t think of a better way — or a more sustainable way — to help the neighborhood’s businesses right now.



  1. This is a great idea. Thank you Taste of Tribeca for your leadership on this.

  2. Thank you for the coverage and thank you to everyone who has so generously donated to our campaign. Our first delivery is tomorrow, with Khe-Yo going to NYU Langone. Then we have Marc Forgione going to Mt. Sinai Beth Israel, Zuckers to Bellevue, and Paisley, City Vineyard and Anejo to Lower Manhattan Hospital. Because of the support we have received, we are in a position to line up many more dates for next week and beyond!