The city releases positive COVID-19 cases by zip code

The city Department of Health has released a report on the number of positive cases of the COVID-19 virus by zip code, and the neighborhood’s numbers are relatively low. But once you reflect the number cases per capita, the rates are a bit higher in a couple of pockets– as high as the seventh tier (out of 10) rather than the third.

All the news outlets have produced graphics, but the ones from Gothamist above and below are the most useful when looking to see stats for your zip code (vs. a comparison of zip codes across the city). The hotspots here seem to be the top of Battery Park City and The Battery. Here’s a quick summary by local zip code:

For a quick comparison, the highest rate per capita in the city is above 800 for the Rockaways, Elmhurst and Forest Hills.



  1. Please correct and stop spreading false news when a grid is published below your text.

    Battery Park North is 10282 – 17 positive cases

    10038 is FiDi/Seaport – 76 positive cases

    10013 is northern TriBeCa and Hudson Square (not Battery Park) – 122 positive cases.

    Be safe

    • The chart is correct. 10282 has 21 cases. You can check the city’s data here yourself. The highest rate per capita in the neighborhood is 10004.

    • Good catch, Frank. But to be fair, your description of 10013 is also inaccurate.

      10013 is not just “Northern TriBeca & Hudson Square” as you state.

      Do a search for 10013 zip in Google maps to see the full outline. It captures a much wider breadth of “neighborhoods,” including South Tribeca, a sliver of Chinatown and the Civic Center. The 10013 zip code includes far more tall residential buildings and a larger population than solely the “North Tribeca and Hudson Square” neighborhoods.

      You would not come close to achieving a population of 27,700 in 10013 counting only North Tribeca & Hudson Square.

    • I know we are all on edge, but you don’t have to be so aggressive in your tone, especially when, as MattieNYC pointed out, what you said isn’t really accurate either. I get it we are all stressed, but now is not a time to be smug, it’s a time where we need to be good to each other and help each other out. As humans most of us are better than this, and better than one-upping each other. Communicate in a kind manner. That’s all. Thank you.

  2. guy is a fool. false news. you tell him

  3. Tragically prescient name:

    Corona Is NYC’s Epicenter Of Coronavirus Outbreak

  4. One possible explanation for the concentration of cases in certain neighborhoods:

    Why Queens May Have Emerged as New York City’s Coronavirus Epicenter
    “Experts say the borough’s demographics might play a role in why the virus has spread so quickly through Queens. The borough is home to many city employees providing essential services.”

  5. Good comment Val. IF you feel that something is wrong it isn’t necessary to be snarky and talk about ‘false news’. We have enough people doing that already.

  6. I have lived and worked in 10013 for 40 years on Reade Street which I guess is southern tribeca. We need to be neighborly and try to get over this thing no matter how long it takes. I have been advised not to walk south anymore so i guess it stay at home at present. Be kind and strong and just take every precaution you can. Peace and stay safe. Dan Alterman Reade street

  7. Agree with Val! let’s mellow out and not be such know it alls. Most of us are fortunate to be downtown and whether battery park or Tribeca or FIDI or something in-between (e.g. 10282 is officially Tribeca but many call it battery park nonetheless) – – population is low, a lot of people aren’t even in town and i think that the vast majority of folks in these parts “distanced” on early, wear gloves and oftentimes masks too and are supportive of the neighborhood. i know my husband thinks he is singlehandedly supporting the bodegas!

  8. I live further south on Warren Street. I wonder why Dan was “advised not to walk south anymore”? Can you add more info? Thanks.

    PS A pleasant tone is always welcome, altho sometimes emotion gets the best of everyone at times like these.

    • Isn’t this because of what is happening at Independence Plaza? The police and officials trying to contain the hot spots.

      Pam- thank you for your diligent work. You provide a tremendous service.

      • Rohit: Thanks, but it can’t be that since Reade St. is already south of Independence Plaza. Any other ideas? Thanks, Ben

        • Ben – The fact is that IP has experienced a massive outbreak. So, the police want to discourage those tenants and people in this area from going south or north to prevent contamination of other areas that have have yet to be so drastically harmed. The goal is to keep the mobility down as much as possible from the hot spots.

          • How do you know Independence Plaza “has experienced a massive outbreak”? Based on what information? What the hell are you talking about?

            First off the second floor laundry room is open 24-7. All garbage is still taken out of the garbage room daily with gloves. The building still receives deliveries (you have to physically pick up packages yourself but that’s precautionary.) The mail is still picked up and delivered with gloves. Food deliveries are still made where food is left in the lobby or delivered to floors. ALL food delivery guys wear masks and gloves and instantly leave food on and pick up money from the hall floor far away from you when you ask them to. I have yet to see an ambulance in the building and I’m home all the time.

            Second off what you said is just rumor and speculation. It’s despicable that you and Rohit are scapegoating Independence Plaza residents and fearmongering people into thinking we’re a hotspot when we’re not. “Ohhhh stay away from Independence Plaza” STFU. PROVE WE’RE A HOTSPOT!

            Last, Clueless, most apartment doors are well past six feet from each other, the only things we communally touch are elevator buttons, garbage room doors, and garbage room chutes, all sanitized daily, and I’d imagine most residents use gloves and tissues with them. I personally press elevator buttons with my covered elbow, open the garbage room door and chute with a tissue then shoulder my way back in my place through the open door so I don’t touch the outside doorknob, wash my hands right after I throw out the garbage, sanitize my doorbell in the rare case it’s pressed, get and send mail in the middle of the night, shove my mail in a sack, outgoing mail through a slot, crouch when I enter, ride, and leave the elevator head down, wash my hands every time I come from the outside, bathroom etc.

            IPN is not a hotspot. No specific building in NYC is. Stop spreading fear, division, and hate.

          • Hi Ruth,
            we live in IPN and haven’t gotten any notice of no such thing. Most young tenants have moved out or gone with their parents.
            3 buildings only half tenants in each. Notices in elevators about less than 4 people in each. We all have been vigilant. Any large building of course would have many more people sick. I disagree with people who are commenting to stay away from Greenwich Street there in no one outside anyway. Streets are quiet. One block isn’t more safer than another. That is absurd. If the police have mentioned it we would like to be notified. First Prescient has 100s sick there too.

          • I do not live in IP. I was just passing on what I heard. I would defer to those that live there. It sounds like there is no problem and that provides me tremendous relief. Stay safe everyone!

          • thank you fellow Independence Plaza Tenant. There is always a stigma about our complex. Its very sad. Meanwhile there would be no ” Tribeca” if not for our buildings. I guess no one has to ” avoid going south of IPN” ridiculous.
            Stay safe

      • Hi Rohit,
        may i ask what is happening at ” Independence plaza”?

      • What Is going on at Independence Plaza? No one has said anything.

      • I am an IPN resident as well. At 310 Greenwich there have been two deaths that I personally know of. Have heard nothing from IPN management whatsoever. I recognize there are concerns re: privacy, but if landlords tell us about bedbug outbreaks shouldn’t we get some sort of heads up about infection rates?

        Val – thank you for posting your note. Agree 100%! This really isn’t the time for snarky…

  9. How about just thanking Pam for keeping us informed and involved in our community through these challenging times. I am not perfect – and I don’t expect anyone else to be. There is a reason that the NYTimes publishes a “corrections” section.

    I am asking that anyone who reads my post responds in kind.



  10. I think Pam may have written about this a couple of weeks back- but one of the reasons there were over a hundred cases in 10013 is that there was one of those concierge medical places down here that got ahold of tests, so that their high paying clientele had access to tests (and there was a good amount of tests that were coming back positive.)
    As far as the comment from the guy who heard ‘not to go too far South’ – I would expect that to be more about the previous hotspots of crime here in lower Manhattan-(Chambers St. Subway etc) and the depleted 1st precinct perhaps being stretched a bit thin- so just advising people to stay close to home. It doesn’t seem like the comment had anything to do with IP or the guy would have specifically mentioned to beware of IP.

    • Sollis Health is at 255 Greenwich, which puts it in zip code 10007. Based on data updated yesterday, there are 29 positive cases in 10007 and 122 in 10013. That suggests something else is going on and that zip code data is associated with residence and not testing location.

  11. Case listings are based on the home address of the person being tested, so 10013 residents, who were patients at Sollis would show as 10013, not 10007.

  12. Released Rikers inmates are being housed at the Radisson on Williams Street, maybe that’s why the cops said to not go too far South.

    • I think that was a false report. See this Post story.

    • And I will add that I emailed with that reader directly — his comment had nothing to do with specific information or warnings. It was that he used to take a regular walk south from his apartment to The Battery, and given the situation, he has stopped.

  13. On the zip code maps 10013 is shown to and listed as including Tribeca and Chinatown. Does anyone have stats differentiating Tribeca from Chinatown? I haven’t been able to find one.

    My guess is that Tribeca’s higher case count may be based on the data grouped by zip code and that Chinatown’s higher population density may be a factor.