Seen & Heard: Making noise in the neighborhood

The neighborhood has been getting into this now global ritual of making noise — clapping, banging pots and pans, cheering — for front-line health care workers dealing with the virus. ICYMI, it’s called #clapbecausewecare, and while I think it was started in London, it is now taking place all over. Join in at 7p, any night of the week.

The storefront window of the Clic store on West Broadway and Thomas was smashed last night. Thanks to J. for the photo.

81 Leonard Gallery was able to hang its current show just before the virus broke out and somehow had the foresight to create this virtual reality tour of the show, “Meir Srebriansky: Age Of Resin,” created by the online exhibition platform Eazel. Meir, who is based in New York but from Strasbourg, France, has been the victim of two major fires, including one in his studio where firemen had to carry him out of the burning building. After the second fire, Meir took a break from painting and started exploiting resin, creating the three-dimension work in the show.

Seeing the color, the floral forms and the sun-lit gallery is a wonderful escape. I recommend taking a five-minute tour.


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Every day, it brings us incredible joy to serve you with warm hospitality and to create a place that brings people together. However, it is very clear that this is a time where being with community needs to be at a minimum. The decision to temporarily close was not made lightly, but we believe it is the right choice and in the best interest of the public health crisis. As we learn more information daily, we will continue to assess the best path forward, posting the latest updates at @interludenyc. For those asking how you can help us during this uncertain time, please consider the following: -We have a link in our profile where you can purchase an e-gift card to use at the cafe that will never expire -If you’re in need of supplies, we can arrange to ship or have you pick up coffee beans, alternative milks, chai, matcha, loose-leaf tea, or even our freshly baked cookies! Thank you everyone for checking in on us. We’ve been so touched by the outpouring of messages and support from our customers. Your concern for our well-being gives us strength and reminds us why we’re in this business. We want to continue being here for you so send us a hello, ask us any home brewing coffee questions, and show us your latest quarantine baking project! We miss you already and can’t wait to welcome you back as soon as we can.

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…but will hook you up if you need a cookie fix, or coffee beans or loose leaf tea. They are also offering gift cards to be used at a later date. See the link here.



  1. Thanks for sharing this. Our household is very sorry to see Interlude closed for now, but we can’t wait for our next morning pours from Josh, Melody & all and wish them the best in the mean time! Here’s hoping that it soon!

  2. Best coffee in the city – and the best people. Can’t wait to have them back in my daily routine! Hang tough Josh, Melody and the team! We got this! See you soon… until then let’s do some orders!

  3. Surprised there is no hysterical commentary about the broken retail space window on W. Broadway, yet.

    It truly is pretty empty in the ‘hood. I’ve never slept so peacefully and awaken each morning to birds chirping.

    If it wasn’t for this awful virus sickening and killing so many, I’d say it’s actually a very pleasant time to live in TriBeca.

    As for this broken window…what kind of street security is available at that corner? Any surveillance camera footage? Maybe we need a foot patrol, neighborhood watch? Or maybe more of those e-vehicles the security who patrol the Hudson River Park cruise around in? How about the large security detail at the Citi HQ?

    Could we organize a neighborhood street cleaning crew? Maybe we get sanctioned for body cameras with live 24×7 video feeds and to carry stun guns? That could be a new community opportunity to protect & serve.

    I’m not sure how the 1st precinct would feel about it. Probably would welcome some support.

    As we all emerge post-COVID19, maybe we should close off Varick, Ericsson Pl/Beach St and throw our 1st Precinct a fully catered block party. We can gather as a community and thank them for their services and discuss this. Maybe raise some funds to renovate their building, too. Their building is historical, but a total dump on the interior. Let’s help them help us.

  4. Mattie – echo your commentary on peaceful sleep, hearing birds chirp and agree, if this wasn’t all so tragic, finding it very pleasant in TriBeCa.
    I responded above to the broken windows…let the prisoners free!!!! Sadly, a broken window will be the least of our worries in the neighborhood.

  5. There was also a broken window on church yesterday at The Drug Store Tribeca; the self serve spot selling fancy beverages.
    Also has gold lettering on the window, perhaps a coincidence or perhaps an odd vendetta?
    The Drug Store – Tribeca
    293 Church St, New York, NY 10013

  6. As the days turn into weeks and weeks to months I am hoping the desperation does not lead to looting. I’m grateful to the police and firemen always on a daily basis and especially now for their heroic commitment and sacrifice.
    I am known for “Bringing the Happy” not heroics that’s for sure. As far as a block party, no need to ask
    me twice I’ll grace the place with fabulous balloons in honor of their service and sacrifice.
    Stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong,
    Balloon Saloon

  7. Did anyone hear church bells at 7PM yesterday Wednesday the 8th when everyone was clapping and banging pots and pans? The above video looks like it was taken from the south side of Chambers maybe next door to me(above the wine store) or the waxing salon. I heard bells chiming but could not figure from where?