Seen & Heard: A vision from the past

If you haven’t been underground in a while, or north of Vestry, this is both a trip down memory lane from last year last month, and haunting evidence of how the virus has shut down the city. It was shot in late March by Stephen Reynolds, the husband of local dance teacher Vicki Reynolds.

Pen Parentis is holding regular meetups for writers with children and now opened to writers across the country.
Wednesdays after Bedtime: 10p
NEW: One hour weekly accountability meetup for writers who have kids on Zoom. Reply to with your interest to join this meetup and MM De Voe will send you registration info. Meeting will begin at 10pm and end promptly at 11pm. This is a supportive accountability group, not a workshop – you’ll set goals and strive to meet them.
Tuesday mornings at 10a
See above for description — this one is 10:00am for those that can get away in the mid-morning hours. This is also open to non-NYC writer-parents who are early risers and want to get going on their writing.
Friday mornings at 10a
The original Manhattan meetup, going for two years now. Stop by if you’ve ever dropped in, and we will reconnect with you!
If any of these fit whatever passes for a schedule in your life right now, please reply to this email with your interest and give us your name, age of your kids and which meetup you would like to join. THESE INCLUSIVE WRITER-PARENT MEETUPS do not discriminate based on anything including genre – we welcome all writers of all manner of writing, so long as you are dedicated to your work, you will fit in just fine. It is also okay if your kids are older.

The Museum of Jewish Heritage has educational resources for both families and teachers on its YouTube channel and blog, and they are posting every day. Activities in the series include “Interview a family member” and “Explore family heirlooms and photographs.” The museum’s YouTube channel includes survivor testimony and recordings from prior talks, lectures and performances. For example, the museum’s “Coming of Age During the Holocaust, Coming of Age Now” online curriculum is designed for students in middle grades and features the stories of thirteen young people who survived the Holocaust. For younger children, the Emmy Award-winning HBO short film “The Number on Great-Grandpa’s Arm” introduces Holocaust history to a new generation.



  1. quiet. i got emotional watching it. captured beautifully…

  2. That video is both sad and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.