Seen & Heard: Some Good News

Battery Park City sibs Sunam and Arjun Govind (all PS 150 grads) spent some time last week sharing some good news, a la John Krasinski (and if you haven’t seen his SGN episodes yet, I pasted my fave below). Sunam attends 75 Morton and Arjun attends LaGuardia High School as a theater tech major, and they roped in older sister Sonali for an interview. Good use of a school day, if you ask me.


The folks at 1803 on Church and Reade have started a GoFundMe page to assist the staff. “We have been unable to open for business for almost a month and unfortunately have been unable to offer much of our staff comprehensive support for the foreseeable future. As a means to help aid in this time, we are reaching out to you, our community of regulars and neighborhood. We would so greatly appreciate it. We have missed you all so much and cannot wait for the day when we are able to reopen and rejoin you all for drinks and many laughs. Please, stay safe and close to your loved ones.

The Weather Up staff held off asking for help in the hope this would end sooner rather than later, but we are now facing later. They have a GoFundMe page here. “With heavy hearts after closing both bars we realized we need to ask the community we have served for over 12 years in Brooklyn & coming up on 10 years in Tribeca for help. To anyone who has fallen in love, been rescued from a just terrible date, got engaged, even married at one of the bars and are able, we kindly ask for help. The tiles, the cocktails, the ice, the lights none of it really matters without the people. We love you all, stay safe and we’ll see you on the other side.”


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