Heard it from the rooftops? It’s the 7 O’Clock Sessions

You may have heard the strains of Bill Withers or Led Zeppelin or Alicia Keys wafting through the streets at 7 in the evening, and for that you can thank Rudolph Vernaz-Colas. When his schedule allows, he takes to his fire escape during the #clapbecausewecare hour, fires up a Fender amplifier, and cranks through the tune that strikes him that evening. They have been on point every time.

Vernaz-Colas, who has lived on Warren since 2012, works as a composer for film and commercials, a live musician and a guitar teacher in schools as well as clients’ homes. Nowadays, of course, he gives his lessons online.

The first 7 O’Clock Session was on his wife’s birthday, April 6 — he played for her and to show respect to the essential workers. (The video here was shot by his upstairs neighbor, @doug_henders.) And, I will say, he has also been playing for all of us, to our great appreciation. Rudy: thanks.



  1. More cowbell!

  2. I live across the street and have been loving the 7pm tunes! Thank you Rudolph!!

  3. I can hear from West Broadway and love it!!! Thank you. What a blessing!

  4. “Superstition”! Nice

  5. Which block on Warren?

  6. These clips are wonderful!!! Thank you Rudy!!!

  7. Many, many thanks from your next door neighbor, Rudy! Love it so much. Don’t stop!!

  8. Thank you all for your comments, and for listening in!
    My husband is the guitarist …I’m just his fire escape roadie!