Sneak Peek: A Visual History of Lower Manhattan

NY Daily News via Getty Images

Silverstein Properties has commissioned a collection of historical photographs of the Financial District titled “A Century Downtown,” assembled and written by filmmaker and TV producer Matt Kapp. The book largely focuses on the World Trade Center, Silverstein’s project, but it also offers reminders of our previous shared crises, going back to the bombing of Wall Street in 1920.

The book was published in the beginning of February, with a forward by Larry Silverstein (who last year moved into the residences on top of his Four Seasons at 30 Park Place) who had this to say well before we knew what we would be dealing with now: “I’ve been in the real estate business for more than 60 years so I have been through some up-and-down cycles…I’ve learned first and foremost  that you should never bet against New York. Never. This town always comes back, stronger than ever.”

Frances McLaughlin-Gill/Conde Nast via Getty Images

Jean-Louis Blondeau/Polaris

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