Seen & Heard: A few items that have nothing to do with the virus

Just for one post, a few fun items from our old lives.

Local developers Tribeca Associates gave a nod to the film “Sabrina” — the 1954 version — and labeled their building at 30 Broad with a Larrabee Industries sign at the entrance, since that was the fictional company’s headquarters. (At one point in the film Humphrey Bogart tells the chauffeur, “Take me to 30 Broad.”) That film was made by Billy Wilder with Bogart and Audrey Hepburn, but I have to admit — at the risk of being kicked out of the Old Movies Are Better club — I am more of a fan of the Harrison Ford/Greg Kinnear/Julia Ormond vehicle directed by Sydney Pollack. The building was built in 1932, and Tribeca Associates renovated it in 2016. (You can read a whole post about the locations in those films in Untapped Cities.)

G. sent a note that 51-59 Franklin is listed for sale, the building that has the corner of Franklin and Benson Place. The listing says it has a potential for 89,080 square feet and is zoned to permit residential, commercial and hotels (C6-4A).

Spot that station? Not in the hood as far as I can tell, but I had to go farther afield to find something NOT about coronavirus. And this is a treat.

If you need something to celebrate, here’s Tribecan Charlie Komanoff’s survey of the last 50 years in the city’s air quality published in Streetsblog, and it is mostly good news: “Today, let’s lift our gaze from COVID-19 and epidemiology to New York’s clearer skies. Dear reader, please join me in toasting a half-century of scientist and activist vision and grit that has made — and continues to make — our city cleaner, healthier and more beautiful.”



  1. Love in the Underground

    A great group! The station is a mystery. Very clean. And no identifying signs anywhere. The announcement at the end said “The L train is arriving on the Manhattan side.” And on the stairs in the background there is a blurry number on the risers.

  2. The beginning audio announcement was recorded on L train Montrose station, but I think video was shot elsewhere. Can’t identify it, but likely an IND station concourse.

  3. Isn’t that what you love about NYC?. Never mind the music, what subway station is it!?? SO much more important!!