Pupculture reopening for business five days a week

In a refreshing switch in the news cycle, Pupculture, the dog groomer on Hudson, reopened last week and is offering grooming, daycare and dog walking Monday through Friday, 8a to 6p. (They hope to go back to seven days by May 15.)

Owner Abraham Mimi says business is slow so far, which is not the good news. But they are hopeful. “After a week of closing, we started to get many emails from local residents saying their dogs were getting restless and wanted to be social and play with other dogs. We also had many requests for grooming services as well so we decided to ease into getting back by offering limited services during the weekdays.”

Dogs, they are just like us.

Here’s how the COVID safety angle will work:

  • We are keeping our staff to a minimum to insure enough social distance.
  • Everybody is required to wear a mask all the time.
  • No customer is allowed to come in. We greet customers at the door and we even ask them to email grooming instructions along with a picture to avoid longer contact.

The shop opened here in 2017 after 16 years in Soho; the original is still on Broome and they have since added another on Roosevelt Island. The 4,200-square-foot facility has three pens on the ground floor, and a larger pen for big dogs downstairs. The dogs who stay for the day get two 15-minute walks. “We make sure the dog is happy,” Mimi told TC when he opened. “If not, it doesn’t belong here.”

170 Hudson (between Laight and Vestry)



  1. This is dumb, sorry. Groom and walk your own dogs.

    How is this an “essential” business? If it is it’s barely and a stupid inclusion on the list.

    What you can reasonably do yourself should not be in business.

    Where are you going that you can’t walk your dog yourself? When the state has banned all non-essential workplaces from operating?

    “I’m walking my dog over to dogwalkers” – ridiculous.

  2. Unbelievable….
    I miss my social life too (and desperately need a haircut).

  3. Biscuits and Bath on Hudson is open as well for most services including grooming and dog walking.

  4. Over the past 6 weeks I have cut my own hair twice, my husband’s hair twice, and even my mother (who has been living with us during Covid). We walk our own dogs, clean our home, etc.

    However, we have two Cairn terriers with complicated double coats and they have to be groomed regularly for health reasons. Their long hair gets matted/knotted, it makes it complicated for them to poop, and obstructs their vision.

    I have spent hours online researching our options for self-grooming – read product reviews, watched videos, and read many warnings. Net/Net, we decided NOT to attempt this ourselves – lacking the skills and proper equipment to ensure that we did not cause our animals pain and possibly damage. It is NOT like cutting human hair – ignoring the obvious anatomical differences, human beings understand the importance of staying still when being cut. Dogs do not. Professional groomers have special tables, with poles, leash holders etc that limit the dogs movement. My dogs do NOT by nature ever sit still (unless they are sleeping).

    I for one, on behalf of my dogs, very happy that Pupculture is reopening and have already scheduled appointments for mid-May, the same day that our elderly dog has to get his blood tested at Tribeca/Soho Animal hospital for prescription adjustments. Both are curbside drop-off and pick-up and I only have to be out and about one day and we will be driving the dogs to both locations and wearing masks.

    The semantics of the word “essential” is relative. I personally don’t consider restaurants essential to me needs – I have cooked every single meal for the past 6 weeks – never relying on a restaurant. But, there are people who dont have access to kitchens, supplies etc and for them restaurants are essential. I do not have the skills, training, equipment to groom our dogs. So for me, their opening was a relief. Essential? Grateful – yes.

  5. I am really disappointed by the toxic negativity seen in comments here recently. Why does it make you feel good to sit in your comfortable Tribeca home and cast stones on everyone else? Why does it bother you that some people need dog grooming, as so logically pointed out by TheBlackSquirrel? I would agree that it’s already pretty gray as to what is essential – are wine and liquor stores truly essential? I wish everyone would stop judging, stop being nasty and negative and start being more supportive of their neighbors. Or just shut up.

    • Agreed! Some people are so judgmental!

    • I could not agree more Disappointed and Tribtrib. This is a time to pause before responding/criticizing and asking one’s self, “am I being considerate?” “am I being compassionate” or “am I over-reacting or being overly judgmental, have I considered everything?” We are all a bit emotional, on-edge, and fragile these days. A bit of extra effort towards kindness would be welcomed by the universe.

  6. I’m closing on my apartment and moving. My dog would be FREAKING out if her had to home so I’m thrilled to hear they are open.
    And it gets people back to work so I’m not sure how it’s bad.

  7. good luck !!!