Despite signs, Warren 77 is not closing for good

A few folks have emailed with concern about Warren 77, the sports bar on the south side of Warren between West Broadway and Greenwich, which looks like it is closing for good — a sign on the window saying “space available” has appeared. The bar is part of Neighborhood Projects Hospitality, the group run by Matt Abramcyk that includes Tiny’s & The Bar Upstairs, Smith & Mills, Yves and Holy Ground. (Their restaurant on the corner of West Broadway and Reade — A Summer Day Cafe — closed to the public in January.)

But the company’s director of marketing sent this note: “No, Warren is not closing at all. Just temporarily for the pandemic. All of our other restaurants are all going to be open as well – when we get the OK.” The restaurants all closed when the pandemic hit, and they have a GoFundMe page set up for staff.

Warren 77 opened in 2009 with New York Ranger Sean Avery as one of the owners.




  1. so then why the “space available” sign?

    • Yeah, I’ll agree with Keke here… most intact business don’t put up “SPACE AVAILABLE” signs on their front window complete with a phone number. Can’t actually believe you’d publish the owner’s response without at least asking the obvious question!

      • Of course I asked the question. That is why I emailed them to begin with.

        • Then what was the answer to “Why is there a “SPACE AVAILABLE” sign on your restaurant?”

          • Exactly what I printed in the post! I think you have to then reach your own conclusion if you don’t want to take their word for it.

          • They answered the question “Are you closing?” not “Why is there a “SPACE AVAILABLE – RESTAURANT READY” sign on your restaurant?” I guess I’ll reach my own conclusion that the sign is just fake news, but please still donate to the GoFundMe page, and we’re def not closing. Scout’s honor.

          • Are they trying to get people to continue to donate to their Go Fund Me page despite their plans to close (aka space available – restaurant ready)???

  2. The sign is because Matt Abramcyk works for the owners, who all of these buildings, and own all the bars. They are vertical in all their buildings. It isn’t up to him.

  3. We’re just making our “Restaurant Ready” space available during the pandemic, in case there are any geniuses that would like to rent it out during the pandemic to keep it closed for us until we can return. LOLOL

    Of course it’s closing for good.

  4. It’s closing. If I could upload photos in comments I could show you the innards being ripped out of it.

  5. I saw them loading all of the liquor inventory into a truck this morning. I’d say that’s a pretty good sign they’re not planning to re-open.

  6. The company’s director of marketing has got some splainin’ to do! Did they lie or is this a complete misunderstanding of what reopen means?

  7. Pam, any updates on when Warren 77 will be reopening?