Local photographer offers free webinar to benefit relief efforts

Local photojournalist and director Kimberly M. Wang is putting her skills toward the relief efforts in an indirect but very cool way: she is offering a free Zoom introductory webinar on “Visual Brand Storytelling: What is it and Why It is Essential for Growing Every Size and Type of Business” every Tuesday at 4p through the quarantine. Participants can then donate to a relief effort after the class in lieu of a fee.

“I’m one of the many small business owners who cannot work right now — my entire business is based on forging a genuine connection with my clients and being fully present for them,” said Kimberly. “But I love hosting the class because it’s helping other folks to plan for the future in a way that they find helpful and energizing.”

The 1.5-hour class is intended for small business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, non-profits, and those who aren’t clear about what visual brand storytelling is — why it’s essential, or how to employ it — but want to find a way to use it to boost their business. Class size will be limited to allow for questions, but the class will repeat weekly — it is not a series. The links to sign up for this month are here: May 5, May 12, May 19, May 26. Email her directly with questions at kimberly@eardog.com.

And in the meantime, here are some of Kimberly’s shots taken for clients — some of whom you may recognize.

Marc Forgione, Chef & Restaurateur / Photo © Kimberly M. Wang | eardog.com

Ingrid Silva, Ballet Dancer, Dance Theater of Harlem / Photo © Kimberly M. Wang | eardog.com

Brit Kleinman, Designer, Avo Studio / Photo © Kimberly M. Wang | eardog.com

Ane Crabtree, Costume Designer “The Handmaids Tale” / Photo © Kimberly M. Wang | eardog.com

William Wegman, Artist / Photo © Kimberly M. Wang | eardog.com



  1. Pam!

    Thank you so much for sharing the news about my class!

    After each Tuesday afternoon webinar, I send out an email with direct links to orgs receiving high marks from Charity Navigator so attendees can donate directly to orgs providing Covid-19 related relief, including José Andres’ World Market Kitchen, The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund, The Actors Fund, and others.

    If anyone has questions about the class, they can feel free to reach out!

    Stay safe and be well. :)


  2. What a wonderful blessing to have Kimberly share her vision and talents during this time when we are all sheltering in place. Kimberly has a keen visual sense and she is a wonderful storyteller. What I appreciate about her concept of visual brand storytelling is that she is on the cusp of how we communicate and these visual cues are critical to the success of small business and large businesses too.
    If we learn nothing more than to become more informed about the power of visual brand storytelling, we will see improvements in our bottom lines and in an expanded connection with our clients and stakeholders. Bravo Kimberly.

  3. What a wonderful idea!!!! Kimberly’s work is gorgeous! She uses light so beautifully. I love that she’s paying it forward by suggesting that we donate to charity. Will email her for more info. Would love to know the orgs she’s targeting with this effort.

  4. As a long time lover of Kimberly’s work both in TV and as a photographer of some of the world’s finest artists, it’s wonderful to see the word getting out about the free webinar she’s teaching as a way to give back during these trying times.

  5. I love Kimberly’s work! Her photography really speaks to me! I will definitely be writing to find out more info on these free webinars…that is so great! Nice to see small local businesses giving back during these tough times!

  6. I’ve known Kimberly for over 30 years. She’s has a brilliant directors and photographers eye. I appreciate her guidance when either selecting art and photography or when discussing fine and performing art. Her ability to guide colleagues and collaborators is kind, sincere, and brilliant. Anyone would be fortunate to work with her and her brilliant mind.

  7. Kimberly! Hoping you’re reading comments: I love that you went behind the scenes of “The Handmaids Tale”! Wonderful! I am going to try to make your class, but actually would love to chat with you about some post-quarantine portraiture and storytelling I need for my website. Making a note to reach out ASAP!

  8. I’ve known Kimberly for over 30 years. She’s has a brilliant directors and photographers eye. I appreciate her guidance when either selecting art and photography or when discussing fine and performing art. Her ability to guide colleagues and collaborators is kind, sincere, and brilliant. Anyone would be fortunate to work with her and her brilliant mind.

  9. I’m a big fan of the artistry of Kimberly Wang. I love the way she utilizes light on her subjects in order to capture genuine moments of joy and realism. I highly recommend her free webinar for artists and marketing professionals alike.

  10. I’m so glad that I came across this article! I’ve been following Kimberly for years. As a dog enthusiast, her work with William Wegman holds a special place in my heart. I love that she is sharing her gift of visual storytelling with an expanded community, especially at a time when authentic storytelling is of utmost importance. I will definitely reach out via email to learn more about the class.

  11. Thank you for doing this, Kim. You have so much to share. And what a great way to support the relief effort. Cheers to you!

  12. First…thank you to everyone who commented here! I’m so very grateful for all the kind words!

    And thank you to those who have already signed up…I can’t wait to see you.

    An important note:

    To prevent ZoomBombing the Eventbrite links require a password, so just send me an email and I’ll send it along! Kimberly@eardog.com

    The class may extend through June, so feel free to give me a shout if you’d like to attend later!

    And you can always find me here: http://www.eardog.com

  13. Ha, yes, this seems to nicely coordinated between the subject, blogger and commenters.

    • I can’t tell you who the commenters are — any more than I know who you are — but I follow Kimberly on Instagram, since she takes a lot of pictures of the neighborhood. She posted there that she was offering this free webinar. It sounded like useful and good news to me. In fact, I believe the Friends of Duane Park already signed up.

  14. To: Hmmmm and Mmmm..hmmmm…:

    I can see why you’d think I paid for this feature. The comments are warm, and complimentary and kind. And, I too, am skeptical of most of what I read on social media. I get irritated when something is presented as one thing, and turns out to be another. So, I get it. But the post is not ‘sponsored’ and the comments are real. They just happen to be shared by clients I’ve photographed, or friends I know from living downtown for the better part of my adult life. It’s worth noting that everyone I photograph becomes a friend–if they weren’t already one to start with. I’m fortunate that they feel so free to say nice things about me, as I do about them.

    When I re-shared Pam’s post which so concisely lays out the info about my class and how to register, (thanks Pam!) people I adore noticed, and they then took the time to support my effort, to support others, by leaving kind comments. A lot of us small business owners have been hit hard by Covid-19, and have yet to receive any aid—despite our efforts. Others who work for corps have been laid off and have no idea how they’ll support themselves and their families.

    But we’re doing everything we can to give each other shout outs, and spread positivity around wherever we can, because we don’t know what the future holds, and we don’t know how long it will take to recover from what will surely become an even more severe recession. We’re all trying to adapt to this new world order.

    Last: Pam Frederick/Tribeca Citizen obviously doesn’t need me to defend her. She’s a veteran journalist and educator and she’s already posted her response here. But, I know her well enough to know that she’d never try to pass off a sponsored post as an editorial one. And I appreciate the hard work she puts into Tribeca Citizen. She consistently goes out of her way to support her neighbors and those who make this place special. I couldn’t be more grateful.