Starbucks has both closings (for good) and openings

The Starbucks at 233 Broadway in the Woolworth Building is closing permanently — and if that’s your regular stop, you can contact the regional manager, Nick Tobias, to see where your favorite barista will land next.

I did get in touch with him since the website is not all that easy (actually, not at all) to navigate. Looks like the following shops are open as of today, and hours are 7a to 6p:
Broadway & Reade @ 291 Broadway
Chambers & West Broadway @ 125 Chambers St
Lafayette & Worth @ 111 Worth St
Broadway & Canal @ 405 Broadway
6th Ave at Walker St @ 32 Avenue of the Americas
West Broadway & Leonard @ 180 W Broadway

Open 5/11:
Church & Murray @ 120 Church St

Open 5/18:
Canal & Centre @ 241 Canal St
Park Row @ 38 Park Row

All stores are open for Mobile Order and UberEats Delivery only. All store hours are 7a-6p under modified operating hours.



  1. Why are you giving a multibillion dollar company free publicity when people can figure out which locations are open on their own?

    Do a piece about independent places including ones you don’t hit as this is “TriBeCa Citizen” not “Pam’s Tribeca” (which this site has increasingly become and if so change the site name.)

    Stop being such a corporate shill.

  2. Thank you for this post. I follow Tribeca Citizen for information about what is going on in our community. I appreciated learning that the local Starbucks has opened as I hadn’t heard that elsewhere. Appreciate your timely updates about a wide range of topics in our community.

  3. Agree with Tim, I appreciate local coverage especially now.

  4. I’m glad to hear of their reopenings. I like Starbucks and many have good service. They are WAY cheaper, FYI, than most other coffee shops, as I’ve witnessed hugely in these recent weeks. Large dark roast red-eye other places has been $5.50 to $7 elsewhere and it’s a lot smaller. Not kidding. S’bux is $4.30 and twice the size. Anyway I’ll be going back!

  5. Thanks for the update on Starbucks openings. I am excited for our local coffee shops to open too (especially Laughing Man!), but glad to know that we can get something in the interim.