A man, a bike and an empty city

Pro BMX rider Matthias Dandois, who lives here in Tribeca, has been taking to the (empty) streets to practice his craft, and the videos are mesmerizing. He also must have some really cool downstairs neighbors…

Dandois, who is French and 31, is a six-time world champion — and has been for a decade, riding around the world for performances and competitions. He’s also sponsored by Red Bull and rides a Haro La Bastille frame, in case you want to try this at home.


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Grocery run ???? @krewe #bmx #nyc #lockdown

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  1. You are disgusting
    Stay home and stop spreading the virus without a mask
    And shame Tribeca Citizen for promoting this arse

  2. Peter Kent go to bed grumpy.

    Cuomo said no mask if there aren’t people around.

    Peter Kent probably said masks are only for front line workers a couple of months ago.

  3. Hopefully some of the pasty video game-obsessed kids in our hood will see him and get inspired. Skinned up elbows and knees are good for the soul.