A New York First: The subways closed at night

I don’t recommend going out in the wee hours — I actually ran home after spotting a couple creepy types on Church Street — but I needed to see the scene of a closed subway. You could still hear the announcer’s voice through the grate, and there were MTA cops in cars outside the Chambers Street entrance to the A/C, which was a comfort, but otherwise all was eerily quiet.


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  1. Tell us more about the creepy types on the street at 1am. It’s pretty dodgy even at 10pm once Whole Foods and target close. I can only imagine the scene in the wee hours

    • I only walked one square block but saw four single men; one was sleeping but the other three were either sitting on a stoop or doing what looked like peeing on buildings. There was no one else out there at all, save the MTA cops who were in their cars.

      • So? Were they legitimately bothering you or you were offended by their presence? Stop acting like someone who decided to leave the empty nest in Bedford Hills for a downsized life in the big city.

        People sit on stools and piss on buildings here. That’s NYC like it or not.

        But you keep drysnitching .

        • In case you haven’t noticed, lots of windows of storefronts have been broken(more than “normal”). There’s almost zero police around. While some of this is par for the course of city living, no one living here benefits from the situation getting worse. There’s still a lot of us in this neighborhood that couldn’t retreat to a hideaway and it would be nice to wake up to less broken glass (and piss, but that’s not going to happen covid or not)

  2. Creepy types on Church Street, especially in the wee hours of the morning, is not something new, is it? These people were there before Covid. They’re just standing out now because they are suddenly the majority on the street, with the rest of us fortunate enough to have home to stay in.

    Basic city living, no matter how “safe” times seem, has always consisted of being aware of your surroundings; not making eye contact; and getting from point A to point B as efficiently as possible – especially after dark.