Schnipper’s has closed for good

Our outlet of Schnippers, the burger joint at 120 Church and Murray that opened in 2016, is closing for good — a blow to the lunchtime crowds and my neighbors who are devoted fans (you know who you are).

The two Schnipper brothers founded the chain in 2009, after also founding and running Hale & Hearty soups, which they sold in 2006. They have two restaurants in midtown — the original in Times Square and another at Lex at 51st — that are still delivering; the Fidi outlet across from the Governors Island ferry terminal is closed due to the coronavirus.

You may recall: that stretch of Church was empty for a long time (a decade?) before Schnippers came along and rescued it with not just burgers but some snappy signage and a lovely, well-lit interior; we can now prepare for another desolate corner.




  1. We went a couple of times and it was mostly empty and not tasty enough for us to keep patronizing. Covid aside, I wonder if they just had too much space.

  2. Their food was really good, but I don’t think there was a single time we went there that the order wasn’t somehow screwed up. Simple stuff, not special orders. Order a salad, get a different one you didn’t order. Want two orders of fries? Get one or three. Chicken sandwich? Nope, two burgers. It was just constant. You’d have to literally disassemble the bag before you left the store to figure out what was wrong. Gave up on them.

  3. We LOVED their food!!! The employees there were
    amazing and the quality and the food was
    Outstanding! The convenience of having them in
    TriBeCa will absolutely be missed!!

  4. TriBeCa we will miss you! Unfortunately, our landlord was totally unreasonable. But one day we will be back, in a much better space. In the meantime, our delivery zones have been expanded. So give us a call in Times Square and we will do our best to get you your Schnipper’s fix.

  5. :( The only high light of me going to trainings in the city.