Laughing Man is serving again on Duane Park

Just in time for your Sunday coffee, Laughing Man is open and serving — for now — 8 to 4. You can order online at and pick up, or stop by for orders outside at the table. There are packaged snacks for now, until the shop figures out how to safely handle pastries and other fresh items.

“It was time to come back and do our part in bringing a little joy to the neighborhood,” said owner David Steingard. (I know I got three happy texts before 9 this morning.) “It’s not really about economics, it’s just about offering a moment of positive and happy interaction. We originally closed to make sure we all were safe and we were not putting the staff or community at risk. While a lot of vigilance is still needed, we feel there are enough protocols and guidance for a small shop like ours to come back online. We have very few moving parts as are menu and space are small, so we can really control the environment and production for cleanliness and distancing.”