Curbside Delivery: Weather Up is serving through its front window

Weather Up on Duane (just east of Hudson) is serving cocktails to go out of the front window including negronis, palomas and the Regal Bennett — gin, lime, simple syrup, Angostura bitters, grapefruit. There are also daily specials — just ask. Menu below (and thanks to H. for the heads up).

By way of backstory, our Weather Up was opened in the old Blue Bench store late in 2010 (where did that decade go?) by Kathryn Weatherup (yes) and her ex-husband partner Matthew Maddy along with two other partners. (The first one opened in Prospect Heights in 2008 and was heralded as the “borough’s first true craft cocktail bar.”) She started as a waitress at Les Enfants Terribles, then honed her cocktail craft under the tutelage of cocktail guru Sasha Petraske at the famed LES speakeasy Milk and Honey (Petraske died suddenly and young in 2015).

Weatherup considers good ice to be the key to a good cocktail — the way gardeners regard soil as the key ingredient in a garden. So the bar has the Cadillac of ice makers in the basement — a Clinebell — and they are selling ice too for pickup: a small bag for $9 with three spears and three double rocks; and a big bag for $30 with 10 of each. Now that’s something you can’t order off Amazon.